UNO Kyosuke

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UNO Kyosuke
Setsunan University
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences
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Mar 2006
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science, Kanazawa University
Mar 2008
Graduate School, Division of National Science and Technology, Kanazawa University
Mar 2011
Graduate School, Division of National Science and Technology, Kanazawa University

Published Papers

Nrf2 negatively regulates osteoblast differentiation via interfering with Runx2-dependent transcriptional activation.
Hinoi E., Fujimori S., Wang L., Hojo H., Uno K., Yoneda Y.
J Biol Chem      Jun 2006   [Refereed]
A molecular mechanism of pyruvate protection against cytotoxicity of reactive oxygen species in osteoblasts.
Hinoi E., Takarada T., Tsuchihashi Y., Fujimori S., Moriguchi N., Wang L., Uno K., Yoneda Y
Mol Pharmacol      Sep 2006   [Refereed]
Nuclear factor E2 p45-related factor 2 negatively regulates chondrogenesis.
Hinoi E., Takarada T., Fujimori S., Wang L., Iemata M., Uno K., Yoneda Y
Bone      Feb 2007   [Refereed]
Oral administration of phenolic antidiarrheic ingredients prevents ovariectomy-induced bone loss.
Moriguchi N., Hinoi E., Takarada T., Matsushima N., Uno K., Yoneda Y
Biochem Pharmacol      Feb 2007   [Refereed]
Glutamate suppresses osteoclastogenesis through the cystine/glutamate antiporter.
Hinoi E., Takarada T., Uno K., Inoue M., Murafuji Y., Yoneda Y
Am J Pathol.      Apr 2007   [Refereed]

Conference Activities & Talks

Expression of TMEM168, a multi-pass membrane protein, is induced in the nucleus accumbens by methamphetamine treatment in mice,
Takayama K, Miyamoto Y, Uno K, Seo S, and Nitta A
Poster number: P-181 (AsCNP)   23 Sep 2011   
The differences of the action of shati between the nucleus accumbens and dorsal striatum on the methamphetamine-indeuced addictive behaviors in mice,
Sumi K, Miyamoto Y , Ishikawa Y , Iegaki N, Muramatsu S, Hibi Y, Nabeshima T, Uno K, Nitta A.:
Poster numberP04-5: (JNC)   29 Sep 2012   
Involvement of Shati on depresseion-like behavior in the postpartum period in human and mice,
Takaoka K, Uno K, Inagaki R, Nagakura M, Tamaji A, Ozaki N, Miyamoto Y, Nitta A.
Poster number:P03-14(JNC)   29 Sep 2012   
Changes of DNA metylation of Shati/Nat8l in psychiatric disorder mice models induced methamphetamine treatment.
Uno K.
The 3rd International Symposium on Life Science in 2013   14 Mar 2013   
PCLO SNP regulates DA and 5-HT uptake in their transporter over expressed PC12 or HEK293 cells.
Uno K, Takayama K, Seo S, Ohi K, Hashimoto R, Nishizawa D, Ikeda K, Sakai N, Nabeshima T, Miyamoto Y, Nitta A.
The 6th Molecular Cellular Cognition Society (MCCS)-Asia Symposium‐Joint International Symposium with Innovative Area (Microendophenotype of psychiatric disorders) and RIKEN BSI-FIRST Program as Neuro2013 Satellite symposium   19 Jun 2013