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Tsukuba University of Technology
Faculty of Industrial Technology

Published Papers

Kikuchi Kouhei, Bono Mayumi
Cognitive Studies   22(1) 167-180   2015
This paper aims to clarify the role of sign interpreters as an interactional participant in the multi-lingual and multi-party field that consists of Hearing people, Deaf people and sign interpreters. Previous translation studies pointed out role o...
Kikuchi Kouhei, Bono Mayumi
JJSL   22(0) 37-63   2013
In this paper, we propose annotation and transcription scheme for sign-language utterances "in interactions" and present several analyses of actual cases using this scheme. Previous studies have developed several transcription schemes, most of whi...
The Japanese journal of language in society   14(1) 154-168   Sep 2011
Using conversation analytic approaches, this study aims to demonstrate how turn-taking system in sign language conversations is achieved and organized by arranging participants' gazes. Previous sign language studies have evinced the multi-modal na...
BONO Mayumi, KIKUCHI Kouhei, OTSUKA Kazuhiro
The Japanese journal of language in society   14(1) 126-140   Sep 2011
In this paper we discuss some of the issues related to the continuity of modality in a sign language conversation, such as holding the shape of the hand or the positioning of hands during the interlocutor's turn. It is difficult to determine if th...


KIKUCHI Kouhei, BONO Mayumi, OTSUKA Kazuhiro
Technical report of IEICE. HCS   110(459) 61-65   Feb 2011
Repair is an alteration that is suggested or made by a participants in order to clarify or correct previous troubles in conversation. Generally, repair will initiate with restating, asking, suggesting possible understanding of prior turn. Previous...
Kouhei KIKUCHI, Mayumi BONO
千葉大学人文社会科学研究科研究プロジェクト報告書   238 41-50   Feb 2011
千葉大学大学院人文社会科学研究科研究プロジェクト報告書第238集『接触場面・参加者・相互行為 - 接触場面の言語管理研究 vol.9』 村岡英裕 編"Contact Situations, Participants, and Interactions : Language Management in Contact Situations vol.9" Report on Research Project No.238This paper aims to demonstrate transf...
菊地 浩平, 坊農 真弓, 伝 康晴
言語・音声理解と対話処理研究会   68 9-13   Sep 2013
菊地 浩平, 坊農 真弓
言語・音声理解と対話処理研究会   65 37-42   Jul 2012

Conference Activities & Talks

城 綾実, 菊地 浩平, Preis Johannes
言語・音声理解と対話処理研究会   1 Feb 2013   
城綾実, 菊地浩平, PREIS Johannes, WANG Tianjao, 坊農真弓, 細馬宏通
人工知能学会言語・音声理解と対話処理研究会資料   25 Jan 2013   
Mayumi Bono, Yasuyuki Sumi, Katsuya Takanashi, Shogo Okada, Kouhei Kikuchi, Eiji Toyama
IPSJ SIG technical reports   7 Oct 2011   
In this presentation, we introduce our approach toward multiparty and multimodal interaction studies. In particular, we point out the importance that we focus on three aspects, `technology', `theory' and `real field', to collect naturally occurrin...


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