Wada Takashi

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Wada Takashi
Mie University
Faculty of Education
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I'm studying Japanese proletarian literary movement in early Showa era.
The proletarian literary movement connotes the problem of massification (or popularization) of literature on the relationship between author and reader, and can also be regarded as a literary movement with international nature earlier in the history of Japanese literature.
From these diversified perspectives, I'm considering the meaning of proletarian literature in the history of Japanese literature.

Books etc

Revolutionary Arts, Proletarian Cultral Movement
edited by Shigemi NAKAGAWA & Hirokazu MURATA (Part:Joint Work, Proletarian Cultural Movement in the Region: Focusing on Kansai)
Shinwasha   Feb 2019   
Documents of the Proletarian Cultural Movement of the prewar Shōwa Era
Workshop for Documents of the Proletarian Cultural Movement of the prewar Shōwa Era (Part:Joint Editor)

Published Papers

Inspired by BETCHAKU Atsuko 'Child poverty and teachers', a discussion of issues that Betchaku did not/could not write
Wada Takashi
KIRON 21   (45) 188-196   Jul 2019   [Invited]
"Ebi-fry" and "Embi-fry" in Miura Tetsuo’s "Bonmiyage":  Study on literary teaching materials by applying Text-critique
WADA, Takashi
Bulletin of the Faculty of Education, Mie University.   70 138-128   Jan 2019
Two worldwide writers Kumamoto born: National literature and Proletarian literature
Wada Takashi
Beyond the spacetime: Lecture report of the 60th centennial of Tokunaga Sunao's Death.   32-40   Oct 2018   [Invited]
Confirmed the circumstances in which the "Hototogisu (Nami-ko)" by Tokutomi Rika and "Taiyo-no-nai-machi (The street without sun)" by Nakunaga Naonaka were translated in multiple languages, mainly in the West, and reported the significance of the ...
和田 崇
立命館文學 = The journal of cultural sciences   (652) 1228-1241   Aug 2017


[book review] "Propaganda Literature: Expressionists during the Sino-Japanese War" by GOMIBUCHI Tomitsugu
Wada Takashi
Japanese Literature   68(9) 62-63   Sep 2019   [Invited]
The relationship between TOKUNAGA Sunao and HASHIMOTO Eikichi: On the occasion of the 120 year anniversary of HASHIMOTO Eikichi's birth
WADA Takashi
Bulletin of the TOKUNAGA Sunao Honoring Society   (73) 3-7   Aug 2019
Chapter 5: The Front Lines of the Movement: Fighting in the Provinces
WADA, Takashi / TAKEDA, Yuki / IKEDA, Keigo / AMEMIYA, Komei
[Special Exhibition]Proletarian Art Matters Now: The Showa Era’s Little-Known Mass Culture Movements   29-35   Jul 2019
Impressions of the symposium "Journalism and Democracy"
WADA, Takashi
Social Literature News   (109) 9-10   Oct 2018   [Invited]
WADA, Takashi
Bulletin of the TOKUNAGA Sunao Honoring Society   (69) 2-2   Jan 2017   [Invited]

Conference Activities & Talks

The background of "The novel: Educators": Posing a problem for Betchaku's book. [Invited]
Wada Takashi
A joint review symposium on the publication of Betchaku's posthumous manuscripts   16 Mar 2019   
Translation of Japanese proletarian literature in Germany [Invited]
Wada Takashi
Socialist Cultures in Japan, Romania, Germany, China, and the Soviet Union: Connecting the Dots   21 Jul 2018   
Two Global Novelists Born in Kumamoto: National Literature and Proletarian Literature [Invited]
WADA, Takashi
60th anniversary lecture after Sunao Tokunaga's death   26 May 2018   
"Doublethink" in Seisan-Bungaku Theory [Invited]
Wada Takashi
Tenkō in Trans-war Japan: Politics, Culture, History. An international workshop   30 Jun 2017   

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Research Grants & Projects

Study on the International Solidarity of Japanese Proletarian Literature in the Pre-War Period: Focusing on the Relationship to Germany and the United States
MEXT: Grant-in-Aid for Young Scientists
Project Year: Apr 2019 - Mar 2022    Investigator(s): Wada Takashi
Study on the translation and the acceptance of Japanese proletarian literature in prewar Germany
MEXT: Grant-in-Aid for Young Scientists (B)
Project Year: Apr 2016 - Mar 2019    Investigator(s): WADA, Takashi