Hiroshi Yamamura

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Hiroshi Yamamura
Chuo University
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Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2015
Associate professor, Dept. of Science and Engineering, Chuo University
Apr 2012
Mar 2015
Assistant Prof., Dept. of Science and Engineering, Chuo University
Apr 2009
Mar 2012
Researcher, Membrane and Watertreatment, Asahi Kasei
Apr 2008
Mar 2009
Postdoctoral researcher, Environmental nano and bio Engineering center, Hokkaido University


Apr 2006
Mar 2008
Built Environment, Faculty of Engineering, Hokkaido University
Apr 2004
Mar 2006
Built Environment, Faculty of Engineering, Hokkaido University
Apr 2000
Mar 2004
Environmental Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Hokkaido University

Awards & Honors

Nov 2016
Best Poster Award, Environmental Engineering Forum
Jun 2015
Hydrophilic fraction of natural organic matter causing irreversible fouling of microfiltration and ultrafiltration membranes, The JSWE Paper Award for Young Researchers, JWRC

Published Papers

Hiroshi Yamamura, Qing Ding, Yoshimasa Watanabe
Water Research   164    Nov 2019
© 2019 Elsevier Ltd Controlling membrane fouling is challenging and information regarding the causes of fouling is critical for this. While liquid-phase fluorescence spectroscopy excitation emission matrix (LPF-EEM) has previously been applied to ...
Akira Hafuka, Takahiro Nagasato, Hiroshi Yamamura
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health   16    Jun 2019
© 2019 by the authors. Licensee MDPI, Basel, Switzerland. We investigated the adsorption characteristics of geosmin and 2-methylisoborneol (MIB) on graphene oxide (GO) in the absence and presence of natural organic matter (NOM). The graphene oxide...
Hafuka A, Mashiko R, Odashima R, Yamamura H, Satoh H, Watanabe Y
Bioresource technology   272 63-69   Oct 2018   [Refereed]
Qing Ding, Hiroshi Yamamura, Hitoshi Yonekawa, Hitoshi Yonekawa, Nobuhiro Aoki, Naoki Murata, Akira Hafuka, Yoshimasa Watanabe
Water Research   133 255-263   Apr 2018
© 2018 Elsevier Ltd Coagulation is often applied as a pre-treatment for membrane processes to reduce dissolved organic matter and to prevent membrane fouling. Biopolymers (BPs) have repeatedly been reported as major organic foulants, and coagulati...
Q. Ding, H. Yamamura, N. Murata, N. Aoki, H. Yonekawa, A. Hafuka, Y. Watanabe
Water Research   101 136-136   Sep 2016
© 2016 The Authors.In coagulation-membrane filtration water treatment processes, it is still difficult to determine the optimal coagulation condition to minimize irreversible membrane fouling. In microfiltration (MF), meso-particles (i.e., 20 nm-0...
Shouichi Iio, Akio Yonezu, Hiroshi Yamamura, Xi Chen, Xi Chen
Journal of Membrane Science   497 429-429   Jan 2016
© 2015 Elsevier B.V.The tensile deformation behavior of polyvinylidenedifluoride (PVDF) symmetrical microfiltration hollow-fiber (HF) membranes was studied. The membranes had submicron pores with a three-dimensional open-cell structure. The surfac...
Taro Miyoshi, Taro Miyoshi, Hiroshi Yamamura, Toru Morita, Yoshimasa Watanabe, Yoshimasa Watanabe
Separation and Purification Technology   148 1-9   Jun 2015
© 2015; Published by Elsevier B.V. The effects of membrane module configuration and membrane flux on specific air demand per permeate (SAD < inf > p < /inf > ) required for stable operation of a submerged membrane bioreactor (MBR) for treating mun...
山村寛, DING Qing, 村田直樹, 青木伸浩, 米川均, 渡辺義公
土木学会論文集 G(環境)(Web)   71(7) III_447‐III_454(J‐STAGE)   2015
DING Qing, 山村寛, 村田直樹, 青木伸浩, 米川均, 渡辺義公
EICA   19(2/3) 158-161   Oct 2014
Hiroshi Yamamura, Katsuki Kimura, Yoshimasa Watanabe
Separation and Purification Technology   132 110-114   Aug 2014
Water treatment using ultrafiltration (UF) membranes is gaining popularity world-wide, but the problem of membrane fouling needs to be addressed. We investigated the characteristics of membrane foulants by conducting two long-term filtration exper...
Hiroshi Yamamura, Masatoshi Hashino, Noboru Kubota
Journal of Fiber Science and Technology   67    Jan 2011
So Ryong Chae, Hiroshi Yamamura, Bowha Choi, Yoshimasa Watanabe
Desalination   244(1-3) 215-226   Aug 2009
Performance and fouling characteristics of two pilot-scale polyvinylidene fluoride hollow fiber microfiltration membranes for drinking water treatment were studied under the same flux and physical cleaning conditions. It is expected that this pape...
Katsuki Kimura, Tomohiro Maeda, Hiroshi Yamamura, Yoshimasa Watanabe
Journal of Membrane Science   320(1-2) 356-362   Jul 2008
Chemical coagulation has been widely used as a method to mitigate membrane fouling in MF/UF membranes used for drinking water treatment. Optimization of coagulation as pre-treatment of membrane processes has not been achieved yet: the optimum cond...
Hiroshi Yamamura, Kenji Okimoto, Katsuki Kimura, Yoshimasa Watanabe
Journal of Water Supply: Research and Technology - AQUA   56 425-434   Sep 2007
Water treatment using microfiltration (MFVultrafiltration (UF) membranes is gaining in popularity all over the world but the problem of membrane fouling needs to be addressed, in this study, the influence of calcium on irreversible fouling in MF/U...
Yamamura H, Chae S, Kimura K, Watanabe Y
Water research   41(17) 3812-3822   Sep 2007   [Refereed]
Katsuki Kimura, Katsuki Kimura, Hiroshi Yamamura, Yoshimasa Watanabe
Separation Science and Technology   41 1331-1344   Jun 2006
For more efficient use of membrane technology in water treatment, it is essential to understand more about the fouling that requires chemical cleaning to be eliminated (i.e., irreversible fouling). In this study, five different MF/UF membranes and...
山村寛, 木村克輝, 渡辺義公
環境工学研究論文集   41 257-267   Nov 2004


永里貴大, 羽深昭, 山村寛, 渡辺義公
日本水環境学会年会講演集   52nd 35   Mar 2018
古屋謙治, 羽深昭, 黒岩美帆, 山村寛, 佐藤久, 渡辺義公
日本水環境学会年会講演集   52nd 60   Mar 2018
飛野智宏, 矢本貴俊, 浅木麻衣子, 笹原伸英, 星川珠莉, 高橋良輔, 小泉僚平, 久保田慶太, 山村寛
下水道協会誌   55(666) 28‐35   Apr 2018
山村寛, 山村寛, 久保田慶太, 林梓
下水道協会誌   55(674) 37‐45   Dec 2018
ケミカルエンジニヤリング   62(10) 743‐750   Oct 2017
薄井宗光, 伊東裕, 浅野卓哉, 山村寛, 飛野智宏, 金子陽輔, 浅木麻衣子, 久保田慶太, 星川珠莉
下水道協会誌   54(654) 43‐51   Apr 2017
飛野智宏, 金子陽輔, 浅木麻衣子, 山村寛, 西河邦浩, 小泉僚平, 星川珠莉, 田中翔真, 久保田慶太
下水道協会誌   53(650) 38‐45   Dec 2016
山村寛, 久保田慶太, 山下喬子, 薄井宗光, 古屋泰徳, 小泉僚平, 伊東裕, 浅野卓哉, 田中翔真
下水道協会誌   53(646) 33‐51   Aug 2016
MRC News   (52) 79-103   Nov 2014
山村寛, 碓井次郎, 山下喬子
下水道協会誌   52(630) 29-36   Apr 2015
岡本誠一郎, 對馬育夫, 真野浩行, 山村寛
下水道関係調査研究年次報告書集   2014 146‐152   Oct 2015

Conference Activities & Talks

Optimization of Polyaluminum Chloride Dosage with Application of Convolutional Neural Network for Floc Images [Invited]
Eryanti Utami Putri,Hiroshi Yamamura, Takashi Kawakami, Akihiro Suzuki, Yoshimasa Watanabe
the 11th International Symposium on Water Supply Technology   14 Jul 2019   
Characterization and chemical cleaning of irreversible membrane fouling by in-situ SPF-EEM
Kosuke Ochiai, Qing Ding, Hiroshi Yamamura, Yoshimasa Watanabe
9th IWA membrane technology conference   24 Jun 2019   
Upcycling of previously used reverse-osmosis membranes by the binding of copper nanoparticles with the aid of polyethyleneimine
Koki Inoue, Miho Kuroiwa, Hiroshi Yamamura, Akio Yonezu, Yoshimasa Watanabe
9th IWA membrane technology conference   24 Jun 2019   
Toward the road to IoT-aid smart drinking water treatment [Invited]
Hiroshi Yamamura
e-ASIA joint research program workshop on intelligent infrastructure for water   22 Feb 2019   
山村寛, DING Qing
高分子と水に関する討論会講演要旨集   21 Nov 2018   
宮本和典, 池嶋大貴, 山村寛, 米津明生
日本機械学会機械材料・材料加工技術講演会論文集(CD-ROM)   1 Nov 2018   
Continuous In-situ Identification of Fouling on Hollow Fiber Membrane by Solid-State 3D-EEM
Hiroshi Yamamura
WOMS 2018   24 Oct 2018   
丁青, 山村寛, 渡辺義公
全国会議(水道研究発表会)講演集   5 Oct 2018   
DING Qing, 山村寛, 渡辺義公
日本水環境学会シンポジウム講演集   4 Sep 2018   
押かすみ, 山村寛, 渡辺義公, 田口和之, 平岡睦久
下水道研究発表会講演集   2 Jul 2018   
石川大輔, 山村寛, 渡辺義公
日本水環境学会年会講演集   9 Mar 2018   
益子理保, 羽深昭, 山村寛, 小田嶋龍飛, 佐藤久, 渡辺義公
日本水環境学会年会講演集   9 Mar 2018   
Using ACH to control irreversible membrane fouling by neutralizing zeta potential of meso-particles at pre-coagulation
Hiroshi Yamamura, Qing Ding, Yoshimasa Watanabe
IWA World water conference and exhibition   12 Oct 2017   
潘鵬, 山村寛, 貝谷吉英
全国会議(水道研究発表会)講演集   29 Sep 2017   
石川大輔, 山村寛, 渡辺義公, 大江太郎, 國東俊朗, 瀧口佳介
全国会議(水道研究発表会)講演集   29 Sep 2017   
山村寛, PAN Peng, 渡辺義公
日本水環境学会シンポジウム講演集   26 Sep 2017   
山村寛, 隋鵬哲, 渡辺義公, 田口和之, 平岡睦久
下水道研究発表会講演集   3 Jul 2017   
羽深昭, 小田嶋龍飛, 益子理保, 山村寛, 佐藤久, 渡辺義公
下水道研究発表会講演集   3 Jul 2017   
渡辺義公, 山村寛, 伊藤司, 青井透, 宮里直樹, 渕上俊次, 山口隆司, 幡本将史, 牧慎哉
下水道研究発表会講演集   3 Jul 2017