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Published Papers

Monitoring neonatal peripheral circulation by electrocardiogram-to-oximeter pulse velocity.
◎Masaya Oishi, Hiroshi Nishida, Kazuhiko Kabe, Jun Hoshi
pediatric research   33(6) 653-657   Jun 1993   [Refereed]
Survival and disability in extremely tiny babies less than 600g birthweight
Hiroshi Nishida, Masaya Oishi
1(1) 251-256   Jan 1996   [Invited]
Evaluation of the peripheral circulatory status of the neonate during homeothermal adjustment by plethysmo-time-interval.
◎Masaya Oishi, Hiroshi Nishida, Jun Hoshi
Acta Paediatrica Japonica   38(2) 147-150   Feb 1996   [Refereed]
Japanese experience with micropremies weighing less than 600grams born between 1984-1993.
◎Masaya Oishi, Hiroshi Nishida, Toshie Sasaki
Pediatrics   99(6e7) 1-5   Jun 1997   [Refereed]
Laryngeal anomalies in 22q11.2 deletion syndrome
Satomi Miyamoto, Masaya Oishi, Yuko Mori and Emiko Wada.
Journal of Tokyo Women’s Medical University   77(9&10) 521-526   Oct 2007   [Refereed]

Conference Activities & Talks

Role of maternal and perinatal center to improve neonatal outcome.-Experiences of maternal and perinatal center, Tokyo Women's Medical College for six years-
◎Masaya Oishi, Hiroshi Nishida, Jun Hoshi, Naoto Takahashi, Takako Yamada, Atsuko Kumei, Syouichi Sakamoto
First International Congress of Perinatal Medicine (Tokyo)   Nov 1991   
Monitoring peripheral circulation of the neonate by using plethysmography of pulse oximeter. -Examination of plethysmo-time-interval-
◎Masaya Oishi, Hiroshi Nishida
Third Computers in Obsterics, Gynecology and Neonatology (Anchorage, Alaska)   Jun 1992   
Usefulness of plethysmo-time-interval(PTI) to evaluate peripheral circulatory status during the hemorrhage of rabbits.
◎Masaya Oishi, Hiroshi Nishida
1995 Annual Meeting, The Society for Pediatric Research (Sandiego, California)   May 1995   
Gastric emptying measuring noninvasively in neonates with a 13C-glycine breath test.
◎Masaya Oishi, Hiroshi Nishida
1997 Annual Meeting, The Society for Pediatric Research (Washington, D.C. )   May 1997   

Research Grants & Projects

Gastric emptying measuring noninvasively in neonates with a 13C-glycine breath test.
Project Year: Apr 1997 - Mar 1998    Investigator(s): Masaya Oishi

Social Contribution

[Presenter, Lecturer, Planner, Organizing Member]  東京女子医科大学東医療センターNICU  May 2007