Inoue Yusuke

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Inoue Yusuke
Hakodate University
Department of Commerce

Research Areas


Published Papers

Comparative Analysis on Descriptive Models for Policy Process of a Public Private Collaboration
Hiroshi Togo, Yusuke Inoue and Tadahiko Yoshida
Academy of Management Proceedings      2017   [Refereed]
TAKEOKA Shiro, TAKAGI Shuichi, INOUE Yusuke
Journal of Information and Management   35(1) 72-86   2014   [Refereed]
This article examines the diffusion of innovations that resulted in micro social phenomena. We use text mining to analyze online bulletin boards ( Lastly, we discuss an analytical method that can support decision-making in new-product ...
INOUE Yusuke, TAKEOKA Shiro, TAKAGI Shuichi
Journal of Information and Management   35(1) 59-71   2014   [Refereed]
This article discusses some methodological considerations about using Text Mining technology. We interpret the result of Text Mining, based on New Institutional Theory. As a result, we made clear that sign representation is the leverage point in a...


INOUE Yusuke
Journal of Information and Management   31(3) 81-93   2011
New institutionalism has fallen into confusions. This paper suggests that these confusions have rooted in the incompletely understanding about the key concepts in new institutionalism. This phenomenon could be recognized as institutionalized new i...

Books etc

Framing Processes for an Institutional Change of a Japan’s Porcelain Production Area, In C. Boari, T. Elfring & X. Molina-Morales (Eds.), Entrepreneurship and Cluster Dynamics (Ch. 9). Abingdon, UK: Routledge.
Hiroshi Togo, Tadahiko Yoshida, Takehisa Yamada, Fumihiko Ichikawa, and Yusuke Inoue (Part:Contributor)
Routledge   Jun 2016   

Conference Activities & Talks

Strategic Multiple Logic Arrangement in PPP
Togo Hiroshi, Yoshida Tadahiko, Inoue Yusuke
The Public Management Research Conference (PMRC)   31 May 2018   
Comparative analysis on Descriptive Models for Policy Process of a Public Private Collaboration
Hiroshi Togo, Yusuke Inoue, Tadahiko Yoshida
The 77th Annual Meeting of the Academy of the Management (AOM)   6 Aug 2017   
Diffusion of institution and diversification of institution
Togo Hiroshi, Inoue Yusuke, Yoshida Tadahiko
The 32nd European Group for Organization Studies Colloquium (EGOS)   7 Jul 2016   
An analysis of an Institutional change from the perspective of historical institutionalism
Togo Hiroshi, Yoshida Tadahiko, Yamada Takehisa, Ichikawa Fumihiko, Inoue Yusuke
Sep 2015   
The Analysis of Innovation Diffusion on the Basis of Social Constructionism with the Use of Text Mining
Takeoka Shiro, Inoue Yusuke, Takayanagi Naoya, Takagi Syuichi, Ota Masaharu
Asia Pacific Conference on Information Management (APCIM)   Aug 2012