Yoshihiro Tanigawa

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Yoshihiro Tanigawa
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Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2018
Young Research Fellow (DC2), Japan Society for Promotion of Science


Apr 2016
Doctoral Course, Graduate School of Human and Environmental Studies, Kyoto University
Apr 2014
Mar 2016
MA, Graduate School of Human and Environmental Studies, Kyoto University
Apr 2010
Mar 2014
Faculty of Integrated Human Studies, Kyoto University

Published Papers

"Reconstructing Ideas of Faculty Development in Japan: From a Pragmatic Viewpoint"
Yoshihiro Tanigawa
Proceedings of the Conference on "The Future of Whole Person Education in East Asian Higher Education: Its Philosophy and Endeavour from Within and Abroad"   317-332   Sep 2019   [Invited]
Yoshihiro Tanigawa
Annals of the University of Bucharest, Philosophy Series   67(2) 21-38   Apr 2019   [Refereed]
"Inventing a Game as a Platform: Sharing Problems around Universities through Gameplay and Debriefing"
Yoshihiro Tanigawa
2018年秋号 134-139   Nov 2018   [Refereed]
"Is Daniel Boorstin a Bad Example?: Taking The Image Seriously"
Yoshihiro Tanigawa
Proceedings of the International Conference on Future of the Past: Tourism and Cultural Heritage in Asia   645-660   Aug 2018   [Refereed]
Yoshihiro Tanigawa
Menschenontologie   24 93-106   Jul 2018   [Refereed]
Yoshihiro Tanigawa
Menschenontologie   (23) 139-150   Jul 2017   [Refereed]
Yoshihiro Tanigawa
ARCHE   (25) 67-78   Jun 2017   [Refereed]
"Exploring John Dewey's Theory of Religious Experiences: Concerning Some Gap in the "Common" "
Kyoto University, Academic Dissertation for Master Degree      Mar 2016   [Refereed]
"Genealogical Approaches in Tourism"
Yoshihiro Tanigawa
Proceedings of the International Conference of the Academy of Korea Hospitality and Tourism   31 451-462   2014

Conference Activities & Talks

Yoshihiro Tanigawa
“The Future of Whole Person Education in East Asian Higher Education: Its Philosophy and Endeavour from Within and Abroad”   28 Sep 2019   Hong Kong Baptist University
"On the Public Action for ‘Intervening’: Lippmann’s Proposal and Dewey’s Two Responses to It"
Yoshihiro Tanigawa
The 6th International Forum of Sino-Japanese Philosophy   21 Sep 2019   Sun Yat-sen University
A Novel Approach to the Problems around Universities: Inventing a Board Game to Share the Dilemmas in Students’ Experiences
Yoshihiro Tanigawa
1 Dec 2018   
"Some "Bad" Guys in American Literature: Shunsuke Tsurumi's on H. D. Thoreau and Huckleberry Finn"
Yoshihiro Tanigawa
Forth Conference on Contemporary Philosophy in East Asia (CCPEA 2018)   10 Aug 2018   
Proceeding is shared through Google Drive.
To Describe the Experiences in a Contents Induced Tourism: From a Perspective of Walton’s theory of Fiction
Yoshihiro Tanigawa
Japan Society for Tourism Studies, the 7th conference   7 Jul 2018   

Research Grants & Projects

Kyoto University: Kyoto University Interdisciplinary Research Idea Contest (The 5th Assembly)
Project Year: Jun 2017       Investigator(s): Hiromichi Hagihara


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Scenes in Transit and John Urry: Mobility, Modernity, and Literature
Yoshihiro Tanigawa
Tourism Studies Review   6(2) 197-199   Sep 2018   [Refereed]
Yoshihiro Tanigawa
PR pamphlet of the department of Integrated Human Studies, Kyoto University   59    Oct 2017   [Invited]
Yoshihiro Tanigawa
Menschenontologie   23 39-52   Jul 2017   [Refereed]

Social Contribution

[Lecturer, Planner, Organizing Member]  Apr 2017 - Today
Sojin no Mikata is an intersectional Future Faculty Development Program, which has been managed by the graduate students of Graduate School of Human and Environmental Studies. This program is supported by the Department of Interdiscipline and Educ...
[TV or radio appearance, Presenter, Planner]  Yoshihiro Tanigawa  (GACCOH)  23 Nov 2017
[Lecturer]  Cramschool of Mathmatical Sciences and Languages  (Cramschool of Mathmatical Sciences and Languages)  14 Nov 2017
[TV or radio appearance]  X-academy  13 Nov 2017