AKAZAWA, Yasushi

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AKAZAWA, Yasushi
The Hyogo Institute of Assistive Technology

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Toshiki Kobayashi, Aaron K L Leung, Yasushi Akazawa, Stephen W. Hutchins
Gait and Posture   37 457-459   Mar 2013
Ankle-foot orthoses (AFOs) can improve gait in patients with hemiplegia. However, it is anecdotally known that excessive plantarflexion resistance of an AFO could induce undesired knee flexion at early stance. The aim of this study was to systemat...
Hisashi Naito, Yasushi Akazawa, Ayu Miura, Takeshi Matsumoto, Masao Tanaka
Journal of Biomechanical Science and Engineering   7 168-176   Sep 2012
In this study, we proposed a method for estimating muscle length parameters on an individual basis from measured data based on a musculo-skeletal structure with a Hill-type muscle model. Passive joint moments of the ankle were measured for 4 healt...
Toshiki Kobayashi, Aaron Leung, Yasushi Akazawa, Stephen Hutchins
Topics in Stroke Rehabilitation   19 338-344   Jan 2012
Background: Ankle-foot orthoses (AFOs) have been reported to have positive effects on the temporal-spatial parameters and kinematics and kinetics of gait in patients with stroke. The center of mass (COM) may be used to represent whole body movemen...
Toshiki Kobayashi, Aaron K L Leung, Yasushi Akazawa, Stephen W. Hutchins
Gait and Posture   33 721-723   Apr 2011
Ankle-foot orthoses (AFOs) are commonly prescribed to improve gait. The stiffness of an AFO is central for successful prescription; however, the recommended level of stiffness is currently based on the experience of clinicians. Therefore, the aim ...
Toshiki Kobayashi, Aaron K L Leung, Yasushi Akazawa, Stephen W. Hutchins
Brain Injury   25 307-314   Mar 2011
Primary objective: To investigate the methodology using a manual ankle joint resistive torque measurement device to evaluate the contribution of the neural component of ankle joint resistive torque in patients with stroke. Research design: Within-...


KOHNO Hideshi, CHIN Takaaki, TODA Mitsunori, TAKASE Izumi, TEZUKA Yusuke, AZUMA Yuji, URABE Takahiro, AKAZAWA Yasushi, HONDA Yuichiro, NAKAMURA Go, HARA Yoshiaki, OOSHIMA Takashi
Bulletin of the Japanese Society of Prosthetic and Orthotic Education, Research and Development   30(4) 236-239   2014
The Robotic Stride Assistance System (SAS), developed by Honda R&D, is a wearable machine which can be expected to aid in the acquirement of a better gait for lower limb amputees through an improving walking cycle. In order to investigate the eff...
AKAZAWA Yasushi, NAITO Hisashi, MATSUMOTO Takeshi, TANAKA Masao
Mechanical Engineering Congress, Japan   2013 "F231007-1"-"F231007-4"   Sep 2013
In an evidence-based rehabilitation context, establishment of a new ankle-foot orthosis (AFO) design method is required to make each user obtain a mechanically appropriate AFO which fits to the individual physical condition. In this article, we co...
本田 雄一郎, 赤澤 康史, 根本 和彦
兵庫県立福祉のまちづくり研究所報告集   65-72   2013
中村 俊哉, 根本 和彦, 赤澤 康史
兵庫県立福祉のまちづくり研究所報告集   73-78   2013
李 虎奎, 赤澤 康史, 原 良昭
兵庫県立福祉のまちづくり研究所報告集   113-118   2013
李 虎奎, 赤澤 康史, 原 良昭
日本実験力学会講演論文集   (13) 354-357   2013
AKAZAWA Yasushi, NAITO Hisashi, MATSUMOTO Takeshi, TANAKA Masao
バイオエンジニアリング講演会講演論文集   2012(24) "8B15-1"-"8B15-2"   Jan 2012
李 虎奎, 赤澤 康史, 原 良昭
兵庫県立福祉のまちづくり研究所報告集   121-126   2012
原 良昭, 赤澤 康史, 占部 貴大
兵庫県立福祉のまちづくり研究所報告集   79-84   2012

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