Kei Yagyu

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Kei Yagyu
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Seikei University Faculty of Science and TechnologyDepartment of Materials and Life Science


Cheng-Wei Chiang, An-Li Kuo, Kei Yagyu
   Apr 2018
We compute renormalized vertices of the 125 GeV Higgs boson Tex with the weak
gauge bosons (Tex), fermions (Tex) and itself (Tex) in the
Georgi-Machacek model at one-loop level. The renormalization is performed based
on the on-shell sc...
Stefania De Curtis, Luigi Delle Rose, Stefano Moretti, Kei Yagyu
   Mar 2018
Supersymmetry and Compositeness are two prevalent paradigms providing both a
solution to the hierarchy problem and a motivation for a light Higgs scalar
state. As the latter has now been found, its dynamics can hold the key to
disentangle the two ...
Shinya Kanemura, Mariko Kikuchi, Kentarou Mawatari, Kodai Sakurai, Kei Yagyu
   Mar 2018
In order to identify the Higgs sector using future precision data, we
calculate the partial decay widths of the discovered Higgs boson with the mass
of 125 GeV into fermion pairs and gauge-boson pairs with one-loop electroweak
and one-loop QCD cor...
Shinya Kanemura, Mariko Kikuchi, Kodai Sakurai, Kei Yagyu
   Oct 2017
We describe a numerical calculation tool H-COUP written in Fortran, which
provides one-loop electroweak corrected vertices for the discovered Higgs boson
Tex in various Higgs sectors. The renormalization is based on the improved
on-shell sche...
Simone Blasi, Stefania De Curtis, Kei Yagyu
   Jul 2017
We investigate the correlation between a possible deviation in the discovered
Higgs boson Tex couplings from the Standard Model prediction and the mass
scale (Tex) of the next-to-lightest Higgs boson in models with
non-minimal Hi...