Aoyama Yukinori

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Aoyama Yukinori
University of Teacher Education Fukuoka
Graduate School, Division of Professional
Research funding number

Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2013
Mar 2015
Associate Professor

Published Papers

A Report on Reading Curriculum Development With a Focus on the Dr. Eric Jackman Institute of Child Study Laboratory School at the University of Tronto, Canada
Yukinori Aoyama
1 143-155   Mar 2015
The Significance of Assuming the Background of the Writer by Paying Attention to Intertextuality: Focusing on Descriptive Text Reading Instruction
Yukinori Aoyama
(21) 131-142   Mar 2015
Research on the Development of "Logical Cognition Ability" in Reading Informational Text: Focusing on the Mutually Complementary Relationship between "Logic" and "Meaning and Content" in Practice
Yukinori Aoyama
第一部(63) 67-75   Dec 2014   [Refereed]
Logical Cognition Ability: The Structure of Cognition Ability which Corresponds to a Slant of Daily Logic
Yukinori Aoyama
(20) 135-143   Mar 2014
The Possibility that Improve Reading Curriculum by Innovating the Concept of Strand: Focus on Grasp the Point and the Summary
Yukinori Aoyama
第1部(62) 99-107   Dec 2013


Factors Determining Difficulty in Informational Texts(3) Comparing the Textbook of Elementary School and Junior High School
(9) 1-14   Mar 2019
Factors Determining Difficulty in Informational Texts(2) A Focus on Structure of Grounds
(8) 9-16   Mar 2018
Factors Determining Difficulty in Informational Texts(1) A Focus on Structures Captured from Macro and Micro Perspectives
(7) 41-50   Mar 2017
A Program Review to Cultivate Teachers' Ability for Lesson Analysis
(6) 15-22   Mar 2016