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Kyoritsu Women's University
Faculty of International Studies

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Apr 1984
Mar 1989
First Cluster of Colleges, University of Tsukuba

Published Papers

Hirohito Yasoda
共立国際研究 = The Kyoritsu journal of international studies : 共立女子大学国際学部紀要   (34) 135-149   2017
The meaning of the referendum to amend the Italian constitution has been obscured by a gambling attempt of the prime minisiter Matteo Renzi to bet his office on the result. The amendment prospects that it corrects the leadership crisis continued a...
Hirohito Yasoda
共立国際研究 = The Kyoritsu journal of international studies : 共立女子大学国際学部紀要   (33) 131-145   2016
The Ventotene Manifsto, a famous historical document of European federalist idea, was mainly written by Altiero Spinelli, through the collaboration of Ernesto Rossi, activist of the anti-Fasist movement, "Justice and Liberty" (Giustizia e Libertà)...
Hirohito Yasoda
共立国際研究 = The Kyoritsu journal of international studies : 共立女子大学国際学部紀要   (32) 123-142   2015
The Italian general election of February 2013 ended with no winners and no prospect of a majority government. This comes from the collapse of the technocratic government led by Mario Monti, famous Europeanist academic and former European commissio...
YASODA Hirohito
EU Studies in Japan   2003(23) 140-161,301   2003
Under the pressures of the criteria for the EMU, Italian administrative and fiscal reforms have been directed by the Center-Left governments and technocrats during the 1990s. They have obtained legitimacy through the tripartite agreements (“...
YASODA Hirohito
EU Studies in Japan   2001(21) 64-86,251   2001
Italian European policy is often described as “federalistic”. Recent studies, however, have endeavored to explain the reason of the double language of Italian Europeanism; its federalist rhetoric and its pursuit of own national interes...
YASODA Hirohito
EC studies in Japan   1993(13) 1-24   1993


YASODA Hirohito
International Relations   2014(176) 176_155-176_158   2014   [Invited]
YASODA Hirohito
SHIGAKU ZASSHI   118(5) 1045-1049   2009   [Invited]