Yoshihide CHUBACHI

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Yoshihide CHUBACHI
Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology


He received his Ph.D. degrees from Keio University in 2004. He became a research fellow of JST in 2005. He is presently an associate professor at the Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology since 2006. His research interests are software engineering, software development methodology, requirement analysis, agile development, object-oriented development process, information technology engineer development, project-based learning, and environmental information studies. He founded Numeric & Co. Ltd in 1997 and was a CEO until 2005.

Research Areas


Published Papers

Haruhiko Kaiya, Kazuhiko Adachi, Yoshihide Chubachi
Knowledge-Based Software Engineering: 2018 (JCKBSE 2018)   SIST(108) 64-74   Aug 2018   [Refereed]
Yoshihide Chubachi, Hiroyuki Chishiro, Miho Nagase, Satosh Saga, Chiemi Watanabe, Ayumi Kizuka, Kei Ito
2018 6th International Conference on Information and Education   1-6   Jan 2018   [Refereed]
Agile Learning Material Development Studio and Its Evaluation
Yoshihide Chubachi
(9) 55-60   Dec 2015   [Refereed]
In this paper, we propose a novel video studio in order to develop learning materials for using blended learning. It supports teachers to make video materials with high agility.
Ohiwa Hajime, Chubachi Yoshihide
情報科学技術フォーラム講演論文集   14(3) 469-472   Aug 2015
中鉢 欣秀
日本ソフトウェア科学会大会論文集   31 121-125   Sep 2014
土屋 陽介, 中鉢 欣秀, 成田 雅彦
産業技術大学院大学紀要   (8) 115-118   2014   [Refereed]
In Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology, we have been carrying out the global PBL for developing software in collaboration with foreign universities from 2008. Vietnam National University, Hanoi and Universiti Brunei Darussalam participated...
Yoshihide Chubachi
産業技術大学院大学紀要   (8) 109-113   Dec 2014   [Refereed]
Project-based distance learning is to develop software engineers who can work with project members at distant places. We have provided such educational environment in AIIT PBL. In this paper, we will discuss two points of views as following. 1) Cl...
Yasutaka Sakasegawa, Yoshihide Chubachi
(7) 59-66   Dec 2013   [Refereed]
Globalization progresses accelarative and offshore development is increasing. In robot service software development, it is required that engineers have to develop various requirement specifications quickly in an international development project....
酒森 潔, 中鉢 欣秀, 川田 誠一
日本ソフトウェア科学会大会論文集   30 295-300   Sep 2013
Suzawa Hideto, Kawaki Tomiko, Sakasegawa Yasutaka, Kizaki Satoru, Tsuchiya Yosuke, Sakamori Kiyoshi, Chubachi Yoshihide
Proceedings ... national conference of the Society of Project Management   2013 292-297   Mar 2013
Scrum have received attention in recent years of Agile-based software development process and it is one of need to learn the skill for technical college students. We trained Scrum method for some undergraduate students with great differences devel...
中鉢 欣秀, 中鉢 直宏
研究報告コンピュータと教育(CE)   2013(10) 1-6   Feb 2013
本研究では社会人学生を対象とした PBL の成績評価モデルとしてのルーブリックを構築することを目指し,成績評価の実データをテキスト・マイニングすることで特徴的な評価項目を抽出する.形態素解析と基礎的な統計処理により PBL における教員からの評価の視点の全体的な特性を明らかにすることができたので報告する.In order to develop a rubric as an evaluation model for students in IT industries, we obtained...
Kizaki Satoru, Chubachi Yoshihide
Journal of the Society of Project Management   14(2) 15-20   Apr 2012
In this paper, we proposed the PBL environment of training. We develop the skills necessary to internationally-accepted project managers. In an Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology, it was cooperative PBL of the Vietnam National University ...
Kizaki Satoru, Masunaga Jyunya, Kawaguchi Yuki, Tsuchiya Yosuke, Chubachi Yoshihide
Proceedings ... national conference of the Society of Project Management   2012 257-262   Mar 2012
Recently, globalization and offshore development of Japanese enterprises are increasing. Because of this, at information technology education of PBL in Japan, developing collaboration with overseas universities is increasing. Also, in an Advanced ...
中鉢 欣秀, 小山 裕司, 石島 辰太郎
研究報告インターネットと運用技術(IOT)   2012(11) 1-4   Mar 2012
専門職大学院において,継続的な学習機会を提供することの必要性が高まっている.本学でも多様な制度を導入しているが,それを支えるインフラストラクチャーの整備が課題となる.本発表では,それらの課題について述べる.Continued learning for professional education is needed to develop advanced engineers. In our institute, we provide various kind of educational ...
Improvement of Collaborative Work on Software Development PBL in a Distributed Environment(査読有)
Satoru Kizaki, Chubachi Yoshihide
3rd International Problem-based Learning Symposium 2012      Mar 2012   [Refereed]
In this paper, we propose an effective management method. The project manager would lead a project to a successful conclusion on software development PBL in a distributed environment. This method focuses on the realtime nature of collaborative wo...
中鉢 欣秀
産業技術大学院大学紀要   (6) 189-192   2012   [Refereed]
A novel software engineer education method for Project-Based Learning is proposed in this paper. Recently, industrial business models in information technology are changing rapidly. In Japan, so-called “User vs. Vendor model” is quiet common for ...
小山 裕司, 中鉢 欣秀
産業技術大学院大学紀要   (6) 143-146   2012   [Refereed]
We have designed a PBL teaching material to bring up professional engineers effectively. This material simulates a business startup, which tests a hypothesis by the process of software development which consists of planning, design, implementat...
Hiroshi Koyama, Yoshihide Chubachi, Yosuke Tsuchiya
IPSJ SIG Notes   2011(3) 1-6   Dec 2011
The Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology (AIIT) is a professional graduate school which have a mission to provide excellent human resources to the industry in Tokyo. Our students and Alumni have jobs in their special field, so they want to ...
Yosuke Tsuchiya, Hiroshi Koyama, Yoshihide Chubachi
IPSJ SIG Notes   2011(2) 1-7   Dec 2011
We have been recording to video all lectures since our institute establishment in 2006. Lecture videos are distributing via the Internet together with lecture materials. It is very effective to deep understanding to the lecture, and continuous stu...
Kizaki Satoru, Maruyama Hidemichi, Tsuchiya Yosuke, Chubachi Yoshihide
Proceedings ... national conference of the Society of Project Management   2011(0) 186-191   Sep 2011
In this thesis, we speak about a project that was the university-industry collaboration project "Collaborative Management Laboratory", intended for undergraduate students of the Keio University in fiscal year 2010. This project had problems of the...

Conference Activities & Talks

ICT-based Learning System of AIIT for the professional education in Japan
Shintaro Ishijima, Hiroshi Koyama, Yoshihide Chubachi, Fumio Harashima
9th International Conference on Information Technology Based Higher Education and Training (ITHET 2010)   29 Apr 2010   


松澤 芳昭, 中鉢欣秀, 大岩 元
情報処理   54(6) 622-625   May 2013
コラボレイティブ・マネジメント型情報教育(通称:コラマネ)は,慶應義塾大学湘南藤沢キャンパス(SFC)で実践されてきたIT 技術者育成の1つの試みである.大学生34名と企業人のプロジェクトマネージャ(PM) が情報システム開発を行うPBL(ProjectBasedLearning)形式の授業である.2005 年度に始まったこの試みは,大学に承認され,産業界の支援も継続していただくことができ,本年度で8 年目を迎えることができた.この間,のべ約120 名の学生,38 名の企業人PM の貢献を...