Inagaki Yuji

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Inagaki Yuji
University of Tsukuba
Center for Computational Sciences
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Sarai, Chihiro;Tanifuji, Goro;Nakayama, Takuro;Kamikawa, Ryoma;Takahashi, Kazuya;Miyashita, Hideaki;Ken-ichro, Ishida;Iwataki, Mitsunori;Inagaki, Yuji
bioRxiv      Jul 2019
Takuro, Nakayama;Mami, Nomura;Yoshihito, Takano;Kogiku, Shiba;Kazuo, Inaba;Inagaki, Yuji;Masakado, Kawata
Proceedings of the National Academy of Science of the United States of America   116(32) 15973-15978   Jun 2019   [Refereed]
Cyanobacteria are one of the most important contributors to oceanic primary production and survive in a wide range of marine habitats. Much effort has been made to understand their ecological features, diversity, and evolution, based mainly on dat...
Yuki, Nishimura;Takashi, Shiratori;Kenichro, Ishida;Tetsuo, Hashimoto;Moriya, Ohkuma;Inagaki, Yuji
Scientific Reports   9 4850   Mar 2019   [Refereed]
Mitochondrial genomes exhibit diverse features among eukaryotes in the aspect of gene content, genome structure, and the mobile genetic elements such as introns and plasmids. Although the number of published mitochondrial genomes is increasing at ...
Kotaro, Sakamoto;Megumi, Kayanuma;Inagaki, Yuji;Tetsuo, Hashimoto;Yasuteru, Shigeta
ACS Omega   4(4) 7308-7316   Apr 2019   [Refereed]
Translation elongation factor-1 alpha (EF-1 alpha) or its paralog elongation factor-like proteins (EFL) interact with an aminoacyl-transfer RNA (aa-tRNA) to play its essential role in elongation of peptide-chain during protein synthesis. Species u...
Matsuo, Mitsuhiro;Katahata, Atsushi;Satoh, Soichirou;Matsuzaki, Motomichi;Nomura, Mami;Ken-ichiro, Ishita;Inagaki, Yuji;Obokata, Junichi
PLOS ONE   13(7) e0200961   Jul 2018   [Refereed]
Paulinella micropora is a rhizarian thecate amoeba, belonging to a photosynthetic Paulinella species group that has a unique organelle termed chromatophore, whose cyanobacterial origin is distinct from that of plant and algal chloroplasts. Because...

Books etc

Reference modules in Materials Science and Engineering 2016
Harada, Ryuhei;Inagaki, Yuji;Shigeta, Yasuteru (Part:Contributor, Protein Folding and Evolution)
Jun 2016   
稲垣,祐司;中山卓郎 (Part:Contributor, 第17章 現在も続く細胞内共生細菌のオルガネラ化.)
化学同人   Oct 2016   ISBN:9784759817287
稲垣祐司 (Part:Supervisor)
The Japanese Journal of Phycology   Jan 2004   
稲垣祐司 (Part:Supervisor)
The Japanese Journal of Phycology   Jul 2007   

Conference Activities & Talks

Dinoflagellates as the model for the evolution of eukaryotic cells and genomes. [Invited]
Inagaki, Yuji
National Taiwan University-University of Tsukuba Bilateral Symposium on Life Science   30 Sep 2019   
新奇真核微生物の探索と細胞内共生に伴う宿主ゲノムの進化:真核生物初期進化の理解に向けて. [Invited]
稲垣, 祐司
KCCセミナー   26 Aug 2019   高知大学海洋コア研究センター
Re-exploration of the protein performing plant-type C-to-U RNA editing in diverse eukaryotes.
西村祐貴;佐藤渚;白鳥峻志;石田健一郎;橋本哲男;稲垣, 祐司;大熊盛也
14th International Colloquium on Endocytobioogy and Symbiosis   1 Sep 2019   
A novel type of mitochondrion-localized DNA polymerase unites 'orphan eukaryotes' into a new 'super-group'.
原田亮;中野賢太郎;矢吹彬憲;Kim, Ensoo;稲垣, 祐司
日本進化学会第21回大会   7 Aug 2019   
Distribution of plant-type mitochondrial C-to-U RNA editing in diverse eukaryotes.
西村祐貴;佐藤渚;白鳥峻志;石田健一郎;橋本哲男;稲垣, 祐司;大熊盛也
日本進化学会第21回大会   7 Aug 2019