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山本 淳子, 大浦 裕二, 玉木 志穂, 八木 浩平
農業経営研究 = Japanese journal of farm management   55(3) 71-76   Oct 2017   [Refereed]
Psychophysiological Preference Monitoring by Cerebral Hemoglobin Measurement during Chewing an Apple Piece
Soo-Young Park, Tadashi Hasebe, Motoaki Sugiura, Akio Nibe, Yuji Oura, Shinobu Kitani
International Journal of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences   17(5) 127-134   Jul 2017   [Refereed]
本田 亜利紗, 中嶋 晋作, 大浦 裕二, 河野 恵伸
農業経営研究 = Japanese journal of farm management   54(3) 15-27   Oct 2016   [Refereed]
加藤 円佳, 菊地 昌弥, 大浦 裕二, 手塚 諒, 濱崎 佑眞
農村研究 = Journal of rural community studies   123 1-14   Sep 2016   [Refereed]
玉木 志穂, 菊地 昌弥, 大浦 裕二, 平塚 萌, 清水 正恵
農村研究 = Journal of rural community studies   122 1-9   Mar 2016   [Refereed]
Takezaki Akane, Oura Yuji, Kono Yoshinobu, Kiura Takuji, Hayashi Takeshi
Agricultural Information Research   25(3) 105-115   2016   [Refereed]
<p>To collect new entries in a custom dictionary for morphological analysis, we analyzed customer vocabulary used in vegetable-product reviews. Key words specific to vegetable-product reviews were chosen on the basis of scores determined by TermEx...
Yoshida Shinichi, Oura Yuji, Ujiie Kiyokazu
Journal of Rural Problems   52(2) 65-70   2016   [Refereed]
This study discusses the applicability of the construal level theory to consumer behavior toward agricultural products, by investigating the evaluation axis of strawberry purchasing consumers under different psychological distances. Temporal and s...
Takezaki Akane, Oura Yuji, Kono Yoshinobu, Kiura Takuji, Hayashi Takeshi
Agricultural Information Research   25(1) 47-58   2016   [Refereed]
In this paper, we evaluated adaptation problems to general natural language processing (NLP) when applied to online vegetable- product reviews. Some keywords (nouns, verbs, and adjectives) extracted from vegetable- product reviews did not adequate...
SATO Kazunori, KARASAKI Takuya, NAKAJIMA Shinsaku, OOURA Yuji
Agricultural marketing journal of Japan   21(4) 45-50   Mar 2013   [Refereed]
This paper clarifies the factors for formulating and obstructing the collaboration between regional agriculture, commerce, and industry in the farmers' market. We study the details of two different farmers' market located in Kanto Region. Based on...
農業経済研究. 別冊, 日本農業経済学会論文集   2012 151-158   Dec 2012   [Refereed]


大浦 裕二
生活協同組合研究   (486) 5-13   Jul 2016
HONDA Arisa, NAKAJIMA Shinsaku, OOURA Yuji, KONO Yoshinobu
Japanese Journal of Farm Management   54(3) 15-27   2016
<p>Analyses of Japanese consumption styles based upon household food expenditures, such as for cooking and eating at home, and eating out eating take out foods have suggested a structural change in food demand. Households have exhibited an increas...
TAKEZAKI Akane, OURA Yuji, KONO Yoshinobu, KIURA Takuji, HAYASHI Takeshi
IEICE technical report. Natural language understanding and models of communication   114(211) 23-26   Sep 2014
The purpose of this research was to extract customer characteristics and dissatisfaction factors for organic vegetable sets based on investigation of product reviews on online shopping. Analysis of customer attributes and descriptions in product r...
山本 淳子, 大浦 裕二, 小野 史
関東東海農業経営研究   (104) 97-102   Feb 2014
小野 史, 山本 淳子, 大浦 裕二
日本農業経済学会論文集   197-204   2013
SUGITA Naoki, NAKAJIMA Shinsaku, KONO Yoshinobu
農業経済研究. 別冊, 日本農業経済学会論文集   2012 122-129   Dec 2012
KONO Yoshinobu
農業経営研究   49(4)    Mar 2012
梅本 雅, 山本 淳子, 大浦 裕二
Food・agriculture・environment   (7) 48-55   Mar 2010
藤井 吉隆, 梅本 雅, 大浦 裕二
農業技術   63(3) 108-112   Mar 2008
Kono Yoshinobu, Hoshino Yasuhito, Oura Yuji, Sato Kazunori, Oda Shunsuke
Agricultural Information Research   16(3) 99-106   2007
The purpose of our study was to develop an outreach tool that makes research known to the public. We compared and evaluated three Web-based models featuring the breeding of `Minaminokaori,' a bread wheat. The first model is an interactive communic...