Yoichi Fujihara

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Yoichi Fujihara
Ishikawa Prefectural University
Faculty of Bioresources and Environmental ScienceDepartment of Environmental Science and Engineering
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Hattori S, Nuñez Palma Y, Itoh Y, Kawasaki M, Fujihara Y, Takase K, Yoshida N
The Science of the total environment   690 290-299   Nov 2019   [Refereed]
Hoshikawa Keisuke, Fujihara Yoichi, Siev Sokly, Arai Seiya, Nakamura Takashi, Fujii Hideto, Sok Ty, Yoshimura Chihiro
HYDROLOGICAL PROCESSES   33(21) 2745-2758   Oct 2019   [Refereed]
Takase Keiji, Fujihara Yoichi
PADDY AND WATER ENVIRONMENT   17(3) 439-446   Jul 2019   [Refereed]
Tanaka Kenji, Fujihara Yoichi, Hoshikawa Keisuke, Fujii Hideto
Economic Feasibility of Diversified Farming System in the Flood-Prone Mekong Delta: Simulation for Dike Area in An Giang Province, Vietnam
Yokoyama Shigeki, Dung Le Canh, Fuji Hideto, Fujihara Yoichi, Hoshikawa Keisuke
ASIAN JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURE AND DEVELOPMENT   15(2) 21-40   Dec 2018   [Refereed]
Tomohiro Tanaka, Hidekazu Yoshioka, Sokly Siev, Sokly Siev, Hideto Fujii, Yoichi Fujihara, Keisuke Hoshikawa, Sarann Ly, Chihiro Yoshimura
Water (Switzerland)   10    Sep 2018
© 2018 by the authors. An integrated hydrological-hydraulic model employing the 2-D local inertial equation as the core is established for effective numerical simulation of surface water flows in a great lake and its floodplain. The model is a cas...
田中健二, 瀬川学, 藤原洋一, 瀧本裕士, 一恩英二
農業農村工学会誌   86(7) 595‐598   Jul 2018
高瀬恵次, 藤原洋一
応用水文   (30) 49‐54   Mar 2018
藤原洋一, 田中健二, 田中丸治哉, 多田明夫, ADAM Bashir M. Ahmed, ELAMIN Khalid A.
応用水文   (30) 93‐101   Mar 2018
藤原洋一, 川口渉, 長野峻介, 田中健二, 一恩英二, 渡辺一生
農業農村工学会誌   86(3) 207‐210   Mar 2018
Keisuke Hoshikawa, Kazuo Watanabe, Takanori Nagano, Akihiko Kotera, Yoichi Fujihara
Remote Sensing Applications: Society and Environment   9 42-51   Jan 2018
© 2017 Elsevier B.V. It is worthwhile to classify paddy fields based on the long-term frequency of ponding, which strongly determines the yield of rice. However, the direct measurement of the frequency requires a large number of backscatter images...
田中健二, 瀬川学, 藤原洋一, 高瀬恵次, 丸山利輔, 長野峻介
農業農村工学会論文集   86(1) I_47‐I_54(J‐STAGE)   2018
Tsujimoto Yasuhiro, Inusah Baba, Katsura Keisuke, Fuseini Abraham, Dogbe Wilson, Zakaria Alhassan I., Fujihara Yoichi, Oda Masato, Sakagami Jun-Ichi
FIELD CROPS RESEARCH   211 155-164   Sep 2017   [Refereed]
Yoichi Fujihara, Keiji Takase, Shunsuke Chono, Eiji Ichion, Akira Ogura, Kenji Tanaka
Journal of Hydrology   546 289-298   Mar 2017
© 2017 Elsevier B.V.Stored water within snowpack is important for the hydrological balance in many mountainous environments around the world. However, monitoring the spatial and temporal dynamics of snow in such mountainous environments remains ra...
藤原洋一, 両角圭祐, 高瀬恵次, 百瀬年彦, 長野峻介, 一恩英二
農業農村工学会論文集   84(303) II.87‐II.94-II_94   Dec 2016
We investigated the effects of bamboo (Phyllostachys edulis) forest expansion on the soil physical properties, such as hydraulic conductivity, water retention, and water repellency. We also examined the pathways of water movement in soil us...
藤原洋一, 長野峻介, 丸居篤, 田中健二
農業農村工学会誌   84(12) 1118‐1119   Dec 2016
Y. Fujihara, K. Hoshikawa, H. Fujii, A. Kotera, T. Nagano, S. Yokoyama
Hydrological Processes   30 835-845   Mar 2016
© 2016 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. In the Vietnamese Mekong Delta (VMD), water levels at some stations have increased. However, the factors that cause this rise in the VMD have not been identified. We considered four factors that may have contribute...
高瀬恵次, 小倉晃, 藤原洋一, 丸山利輔
水文・水資源学会誌   29(2) 107‐115-115   Mar 2016
 This paper presents a snow-fall, load and melt model based on snow depth, precipitation, and meteorological data from the Hokuriku region of Japan, which is known worldwide as a heavy snow region. The model includes sub-models for the determinati...
横山 繁樹, 山口 哲由, 藤原 洋一, 鳥山 和伸
農業経済研究 = Journal of rural economics   87(4) 400-405   Mar 2016
 COUとはCenter of Uniquenessの略で,トップを目指すのではなくユニークな地域貢献的研究を追求して成果を積み重ね,新たな学問を生み出すという考えです.樹冠冠雪から雪つり研究への展開,水文学と希少種との関係を通して,COUの重要性について説明します.


長野峻介, 小森進太郎, 藤原洋一, 高瀬恵次, 田中健二, 一恩英二
日本雨水資源化システム学会研究発表会講演要旨集   24th 83‐84   2016
藤原洋一, 両角圭祐, 高瀬恵次, 百瀬年彦, 長野峻介, 一恩英二
農業農村工学会大会講演会講演要旨集(CD-ROM)   2016 ROMBUNNO.5‐27   2016
一恩英二, 長野峻介, 藤原洋一, 田中健二, 水口尚也
農業農村工学会京都支部研究発表会講演要旨集   73rd 168‐169   2016
浅野剛, 長野宇規, 吉川夏樹, 小寺昭彦, 藤原洋一
農業農村工学会京都支部研究発表会講演要旨集   73rd 182‐183   2016
長野峻介, 林成也, 藤原洋一, 高瀬恵次, 一恩英二
農業農村工学会大会講演会講演要旨集(CD-ROM)   2016 ROMBUNNO.6‐35   2016