Yoko Mori

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Yoko Mori
Doshisha University
Faculty of Global Communications
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Apr 1999
Mar 2003
Graduate School of Osaka University of Foreign Studies
Apr 1994
Mar 1996
Graduate School of Kobe City University of Foreign Studies
Apr 1974
Mar 1978
Kobe City University of Foreign Studies

Published Papers

Yoko Mori; Donna Erickson; Albert Rilliard; Tomoko Hori
Journal of Phonetic Society of Japan   18(2) 30-41   2014   [Refereed]
Yoko Mori & Tomoko Hori & Donna Erickson
Phonetica   71 83-108   2014   [Refereed]
This study investigates acoustic correlates of English rhythmic patterns for 20 American English speakers (AS) and 42 Japanese learners of English (JS). The results indicate that for AS in an English sentence where monosyllabic content and functio...
Yoko Mori
Language Education & Technology, 48 (外国語教育メディア学会) 、pp. 1-22.   48 1-22   2011   [Refereed]
This paper is concerned with the improvement of English prosody of Japanese EFL learners. A new type of speaking training that combines shadowing with oral reading was introduced into English classes in order to raise learners' reproduction rates ...
Yoko Mori
JACET Journal 48 (大学英語教育学会)、pp.29-38.   48 29-38   2009   [Refereed]
This study examines how native speakers of American English and Japanese EFL learners differ in the phonetic realization of English fricative /s/ in the onset of a syllable, depending on stress assignment and position in a word, as well as on focu...
Yoko Mori & Donna Erickson
Phonetica   65(3) 148-172   2008   [Refereed]
This study explores the effect of accentual fall on phrase-final vowel duration in read declarative sentences of Standard Japanese. The results show that an intonational phrase-final vowel is significantly shorter when the final phrase has an acce...
Journal of the Phonetic Society of Japan   10(3) 71-82   Dec 2006
MORI Yoko, HIGGINS Anthony, KIRITANI Shigeru
JACET BULLETIN   (41) 91-110   Oct 2005
Yoko Mori
English Linguistics   22(1) 23-55   2005   [Refereed]
This study attempts to explore an initial high pitch characteristically observed in English sentences produced by Japanese speakers. The experimental results have revealed that about half or more native Japanese participants (college students majo...
Phonological and phonetic features of word-final vowels in English vs. Japanese
Yoko Mori
『ことばの科学研究』    5 19-36(英語学論説資料第41号第4分冊 pp.610-618)   2004   [Refereed]
Yoko Mori
Journal of Phonetics   30(4) 689-708   2002   [Refereed]
This paper explores the lengthening of monomoraic nouns in Japanese. An experiment has revealed that monomoraic nouns are lengthened by about 40–50% and/or followed by pauses when not suffixed with monomoraic case markers. The phenomenon is specif...
Journal of the Phonetic Society of Japan   6(1) 121-136   2002
Journal of the Phonetic Society of Japan   5(1) 92-106   2001
This study aims to clarify when and how compound words are abbreviated to three-mora words. It turns out that a word-final long vowel tends to be maintained when it forms a morpheme on its own. When the final syllable does not constitute a morphem...


SHIKI Osato, MORI Yoko, KADOTA Shuhei, YOSHIDA Shinsuke
ARELE : annual review of English language education in Japan   21 81-90   Mar 2010
This study compares the effects of shadowing and those of repeating during six repetition trials in terms of two aspects: reproduction rate and type of reproduced words. 48 university students performed both shadowing and repeating six times each,...
OFUKA Etsuko, MORI Yoko, GILBERT Joan E., KIRITANI Shigeru
Journal of the Phonetic Society of Japan   13(3) 90-100   Dec 2009   [Refereed]
OFUKA Etsuko, MORI Yoko, KIRITANI Shigeru
Journal of the Phonetic Society of Japan   9(2) 59-65   Aug 2005
This study examines the effect of the duration of vowels that precede or follow a geminate stop on the identification of the geminate consonant. Stimuli were made by lengthening or shortening the first and second /a/ in /uta(Q)tane/ while the leng...

Conference Activities & Talks

より自然な英語発音とスピーキング力養成のために [Invited]
Yoko Mori
大阪大学公開講座「教員のためのリフレッシュ講座   2014   
リズムとイントネーションが発音の決め手 [Invited]
Yoko Mori
大阪大学公開講座「教員のためのリフレッシュ講座」   2013   
意図と気持ちを伝えるリズムとイントネーション [Invited]
Yoko Mori
第4回英語教育総合学会シンポジウム   2013   
どこがどう違うの、日英のリズムとイントネーション [Invited]
Yoko Mori
第8回ことばの科学会オープンフォーラム   2012   
The roles of duration, F0, F1, and jaw displacement in the realization of accent for English vs. Japanese speakers
Yoko Mori & Tomoko Hori & Donna Erickson
nternational Conference of Phonetics and Phonology, Kyoto, Japan.    2011   


Yoko Mori   Web Service   Apr 2014 - Today
It is a website where anybody can practice English pronunciation (basic vowels and difficult consonants) while watching the mouth movements of native speakers. You can also develop speaking skills through shadowing and aural reading practice.