Tomoko Yonezawa

Tomoko Yonezawa

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Tomoko Yonezawa
Kansai University
Faculty of Informatics
Job title
Ph.D. (Information Science)(Nagoya University)


Ccompleted Bachelor of Environmental Information Department in Keio University at 1999, and Master of Media and Governance in Graduate School of Keio University at 2001. Employed in NTT Japan, and worked in Cyber Space Laboratories from 2001 to 2003. Externally assigned to ATR Japan in 2003, and have worked in Intelligent Robotics and Communication Laboratories from 2003 to 2011. Got a "super-creator" at IPA Mitoh project 2008. Earned Doctor of Information Science in Nagoya University at Mar. 2007. Became an associate professor in Kansai University in 2011 and a full professor in 2017.

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2017
Professor, Faculty of Informatics, Kansai University
Apr 2011
Mar 2017
Associate Professor, Faculty of Informatics, Kansai University
Jul 2003
Mar 2011
Researcher, Intelligent Robotics and Communication Laboratories, Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International
Apr 2001
Jun 2003
Researcher, NTT Cyberspace Laboratory
Sep 1999
Mar 2001
Internship student, Media Integration & Communications Research Laboratories, Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International


Apr 2005
Mar 2007
Information Science, Graduate School of Nagoya University
Apr 1999
Mar 2001
Media and Governance, Graduate School of Keio University
Apr 1995
Mar 1999
Dept. of Environmental Information, Keio University

Awards & Honors

Dec 2017
Research encouraging award, IEICE ET Tech Meeting
Winner: Yuki Kitagishi(M1), Tomoko Yonezawa
Sep 2017
Outstanding Presentation Award, Human Interface Symposium 2017
Winner: Tomoko Yonezawa, Hirotake Yamazoe
Sep 2017
Student excellent prensentation award, IPSJ Kansai 2017
Winner: Naoto Yoshida (D3)
Sep 2017
Student encouraging prensentation award, IPSJ Kansai 2017
Winner: Kaede Ueno (M1)
Aug 2017
Student encouraging award, IPSJ UBI Tech Meeting
Winner: Hirofumi Watanabe (B4), Yu Enokibori, Tomoko Yonezawa, Kenji Mase
Apr 2017
Research Fellowship for Young Scientists(DC2), JSPS
Winner: Naoto Yoshida (D2)
Mar 2017
IPSJ Yamashita SIG Research Award, IPSJ
Winner: Kunihiko Fujiwara (M2)
Oct 2016
Best Student Paper Award, HAI2016
Winner: Naoto Yoshida, Tomoko Yonezawa
Sep 2016
Student excellent prensentation award, IPSJ Kansai 2016
Winner: Naoto Yoshida (D2)
Dec 2015
Impressive Poster Award, HAI Symposium 2014

Published Papers

Analyses of Textile Pressure-map Sensor Data of a Stuffed Toy for Understanding Human Emotional Physical Contact
Tomoko Yonezawa,Hirotake Yamazoe
Human Agent Interaction 2018   to appear    Dec 2018   [Refereed]
Attracting Attention and Changing Behavior toward Wall Advertisements with a Walking Virtual Agent
Naoto Yoshida,Sho Hanasaki,Tomoko Yonezawa
Human Agent Interaction 2018   to appear    Dec 2018   [Refereed]
Arousal and Valence in Robot's Emotional Expression of Breathing and Heartbeat
Naoto Yoshida,Tomoko Yonezawa
Human Agent Interaction 2018 (HAI2018)   to appear    Dec 2018   [Refereed]
Internal Flow Model and Behavioral Design for an Artificial Agent's Ownership-desire Model
Kaede Ueno,Naoto Yoshida
Human Agent Interaction 2018 (HAI2018)   to appear    Dec 2018   [Refereed]
Preliminary Examination of Walking Stability Improvement by Wearable Tactile Expression Mechanism
Hirotake Yamazoe,Tomoko Yonezawa
Human Agent Interaction 2018 (HAI2018)   to appear    Dec 2018   [Refereed]
Verification of Discussion-Stimulating System for Online Creative Meetings using Key Phrases and Mind Maps
Yipeng He,Tomoko Yonezawa
SCIS-ISIS 2018   to appear    Dec 2018   [Refereed]
Switching Target of Speech between Whole and Particular Audiences using Face Direction and Two Microphones
Yuki Kitagishi,Tomoko Yonezawa
UAC2018 (International Symposium on Universal Acoustical Communication 2018)   poster 2-26 (2 pages) poster 2-26-poster 2-26   Oct 2018   [Refereed]
Naoya Itoh,Tomoko Yonezawa,Yuichi Okada,Yuji Nakagawa
情報処理学会関西支部大会2018   G-05 (4 pages) G-05-G-05   Sep 2018
Yuki Kitagishi,Tomoko Yonezawa
情報処理学会関西支部大会2018   D-103 (7 pages) D-103-D-103   Sep 2018
Acoustic AR-TA Agent using Footsteps in Corresponding to\Audience Members' Participating Attitudes
Yuki Kitagishi,Tomoko Yonezawa
VARE2018   pp. 113-122 113-113   Sep 2018   [Refereed]
Preliminary Design of Internal and Acting Models of Agent’s Ownership Desire
Kaede Ueno,Naoto Yoshida,Tomoko Yonezawa
IEICE HCS   HCS2018-32, pp.1--6,(HCS2018-32) 1-1   Aug 2018
Arousal and Valence in Robot's Emotional Expression by Artificial Physiological Phenomena
Naoto Yoshida,Tomoko Yonezawa
IEICE HCS   HCS2018-33, pp.7--12,(HCS2018-33) 7-7   Aug 2018
Part1, V. Human-agent Interaction
Tomoko Yonezawa,
NDL   Perspectives on Artificial Intelligence/Robotics and Work/Employment    Jul 2018   [Invited]
Yuki Kitagishi,Tomoko Yonezawa
IEICE Japanese Journal (Society D),   Vol.J101-D,No.6,pp.944-957(J101-D) 6-944   Jun 2018   [Refereed]
Kaede Ueno,Naoto Yoshida,Tomoko Yonezawa
IEICE Japanese Journal (Society D),   Vol.J101-D,No.6,pp.932-943(J101-D) 6-932   Jun 2018   [Refereed]
Virtual Convex Segment by Vibration Actuator Array Revised by Different Sensitivities in a Sole
Naoto Yoshida,Hayao Hirano,Yu Enokibori,Tomoko Yonezawa
153rd HI Tech-meeting (SIG-ACI-21)   SIG-ACI-21, pp.43--50,(SIG-ACI-21) 43-43   Mar 2018
Preceding movement of humanitude virtual agent into user's FOV before conversation supporting dementia elderly people
Xin Wan,Xiaoshun Meng,Kaede Ueno,Tomoko Yonezawa
153rd HI Tech-meeting (SIG-ACI-21)   SIG-ACI-21, pp.17--22,(SIG-ACI-22) 17-17   Mar 2018
AR Shadow-clone agent system for speaker in one-to-many communication
Yuki Tanaka,Yuki Kitagishi,Tomoko Yonezawa
153rd HI Tech-meeting (SIG-ACI-21)   SIG-ACI-21, pp.37--42,(SIG-ACI-23) 37-37   Mar 2018
Switching multiple desks environments using semitransparent partition screen and sound localization
Shoko Tsujino,Yipeng He,Kaede Ueno,Naoto Yoshida,Tomoko Yonezawa
153rd HI Tech-meeting (SIG-ACI-21)   SIG-ACI-21, pp.23--28,(SIG-ACI-24) 23-23   Mar 2018
Hirotake Yamazoe,Tomoko Yonezawa
Society for serviceology 6th conference   OS4-07 OS4-OS4   Mar 2018
Hirotake Yamazoe,Tomoko Yonezawa
Interaction 2018   2P10-2P10   Mar 2018
Part1, V. Human-agent Interaction
Tomoko Yonezawa,
NDL   ??知能・ロボットと労働・雇?をめぐる視点 (科学技術に関する調査プロジェクト報告書)    Mar 2018   [Invited]
Naoto Yoshida,Tomoko Yonezawa
IEICE Japanese Journal (Society D),   Vol.J101-D,No.02,pp.-(J101-D) 2-263   Feb 2018   [Refereed]
Yuki Kitagishi,Tomoya Yamana,Tomoko Yonezawa
音響学会 第20回関西支部若手研究者交流研究発表会   no.20-no.20   Dec 2017
Enhancing pointing gestures using an automatic projection system
Kaede Ueno,Naoto Yoshida,Yuki Kitagishi,Tomoko Yonezawa
ACIS2017   pp. 161-164 161-161   Dec 2017   [Refereed]
Lecture support system for understanding an audience's attitudes using optical flow and overlapped color mapping
Yuki Kitagishi,Tomoko Yonezawa
ACIS2017   pp. 145-148 145-145   Dec 2017   [Refereed]
Naoto Yoshida,Tomoko Yonezawa
HAI Symposium 2017   D-3 (11 pages), 討論セッション招待, D-3-D-3   Dec 2017
Kaede Ueno,Naoto Yoshida,Tomoko Yonezawa
HAI Symposium 2017   P14 (9 pages), P14-P14   Dec 2017
Hayao Hirano,Naoto Yoshida,Yu Enokibori,Tomoko Yonezawa
IPSJ SIG-AAC the 5th Tech meeting   Vol.2017-AAC-5, No.15, pp1--8,(2017-AAC-5) 15-1   Dec 2017
Analyses of Creative Discussion Stimulating System using Key Phrases and Mind-map based on Online E-Papers
Yipeng He,Tomoko Yonezawa
IEICE ET Tech meeting   Vol.117, No.335, ET2017-72, pp 21--26,(117) 335-21   Dec 2017
Effects of Footstep AR Agent as TA for Each Different Individuals in Multiple Audiences
Yuki Kitagishi,Tomoko Yonezawa
IEICE ET Tech meeting   Vol.117, No.335, ET2017-73, pp 27--32,(117) 335-27   Dec 2017
Indirect control of user's e-learning motivation by controlling activity ratio of multiple agents
Tomoko Yonezawa,Naoto Yoshida,Kaoru Maeda
HAI2017   pp 27--34, 27-27   Oct 2017   [Refereed]
Physiological Expression of Robots Enhancing Users' Emotion in Direct and Indirect Communication
Naoto Yoshida,Tomoko Yonezawa
HAI2017 poster   pp 505--509, 505-505   Oct 2017   [Refereed]
Naoto Yoshida,Tomoko Yonezawa
IPSJ-Kansai2017   B--102, (6 pages), B-102-B-102   Sep 2017
Kaede Ueno,Tomoko Yonezawa
IPSJ-Kansai2017   D--102, (7 pages), D-102-D-102   Sep 2017
Yuki Kitagishi,Tomoko Yonezawa
IPSJ-Kansai2017   D-10 (8 pages) D-10-D-10   Sep 2017
Xiaoshun Meng,Tomoko Yonezawa
IPSJ-Kansai2017   B--103, (6 pages), B-103-B-103   Sep 2017
Tomoko Yonezawa,Hirotake Yamazoe
HIS2017   5T-d3-11 5T-d3-11-5T-d3-11   Sep 2017
Pressure map data analyses of textile-type sensor for classification of physical contact pattern on stuffed toy
Tomoko Yonezawa,Hirotake Yamazoe
IEICE VNV-HCS   vol.2017-HCS-117, vol. 117, no. 177, HCS2017-53, pp. 35--40,(117) 177-35   Aug 2017
Hirofumi Watanabe,Yu Enokibori,Tomoko Yonezawa,Kenji Mase
IPSJ-Tech-UBI   第55回情報処理学会UBI研究会/ASD研究会 2017-ASD-9, pp. 1--6, 1-1   Aug 2017
Haptic interaction design for physical contact between a wearable robot and the user
Tomoko Yonezawa,Hirotake Yamazoe
HCII2017, Springer International Publishing Switzerland   pp.476--490 476-476   Jul 2017   [Refereed]
A tactile expression mechanism using pneumatic actuator array for noti cation from wearable robots
Hirotake Yamazoe,Tomoko Yonezawa
HCII2017, Springer International Publishing Switzerland   pp.466--475 466-466   Jul 2017   [Refereed]
Tomoko Yonezawa,Haruka Mase,Hirotake Yamazoe,Kazuki Joe
URAI2017   P2-79 P2-79-P2-79   Jun 2017   [Refereed]
Yipeng He,Naoto Yoshida,Kaede Ueno,Tomoko Yonezawa
IPSJ CLE   vol.2017-CLE-21, no.13, pp.1--6,(2017-CLE-21) 13-1   Mar 2017
Tomoya Yamana,Yuki Kitagishi,Tomoko Yonezawa
IPSJ CLE   vol.2017-CLE-21, no.14, pp.1--7,(2017-CLE-21) 14-1   Mar 2017
Hirotake Yamazoe,Tomoko Yonezawa
Interaction 2017   プレミアム発表, 1-6F-01, pp.106--109 106-106   Mar 2017   [Refereed]
Kaede Ueno,Naoto Yoshida,Tomoko Yonezawa
IEICE ET   ET2016-90, pp 63--68(ET2016) 90-63   Jan 2017
Yuki Kitagishi,Tomoko Yonezawa
IEICE ET   ET2016-79, pp 7--11(ET2016) 79-7   Jan 2017
Emotion Estimation Using Pressure Sensors in Communicative Stuffed-toy Device with Fuzzy Reasoning
Haruka Mase,Tomoko Yonezawa,Kazuki Joe
IPSJ MPS   2016-MPS-111, no. 6, pp.1--6(2016-MPS-111) 6-1   Dec 2016
Kaede Ueno,Naoto Yoshida,Tomoko Yonezawa
SIGGRAPH ASIA 2016   poster (2pages) poster-poster   Dec 2016   [Refereed]
Naoto Yoshida,Kaede Ueno,Yusuke Naka,Tomoko Yonezawa
SIGGRAPH ASIA 2016   poster (2pages) poster-poster   Dec 2016   [Refereed]
Xiaoshun Meng,Naoto Yoshida,Tomoko Yonezawa
HAI symposium 2016   P-20 P-20-P-20   Dec 2016
Integrating auditory space for multiple people in real world using their personal devices
Tomoko Yonezawa,Yosuke Ino,Naoto Yoshida,Yuki Kitagishi
UV 2016   II-2-5, 4 pages II-2-5-II-2-5   Oct 2016   [Refereed]
Stepwise Experience Design of Tactile Interaction in Children's Enrobotment
Tomoko Yonezawa,
HAI 2016 WS   Enrobotment WS, 2 pages Enrobotment-Enrobotment   Oct 2016   [Refereed]
Tomoko Yonezawa,Naoto Yoshida,Kunihiko Fujiwara
HAI 2016   pp.305--312 305-305   Oct 2016   [Refereed]
Naoto Yoshida,Tomoko Yonezawa
HAI 2016   pp.139--144 139-139   Oct 2016   [Refereed]
Tomoko Yonezawa,Shota Yanagi,Naoto Yoshida,Yuki Ishikawa
IFIP ICEC 2016   Springer LNCS 9926, pp.173--186(Springer LNCS 9926) 173-173   Sep 2016   [Refereed]
初心者の作曲動機を向上する RPG要素 によるステップ入力型作曲システム
Makoto Yamane,Haruna Tanaka,Tomoko Yonezawa
2016年度情報処理学会関西支部大会   G-112 (8 pages), G-112-G-112   Sep 2016
Aoi Serikawa,Naoto Yoshida,Tomoko Yonezawa
2016年度情報処理学会関西支部大会   D-103 (4 pages) D-103-D-103   Sep 2016
Shogo Maeda,Naoto Yoshida,Tomoko Yonezawa
2016年度情報処理学会関西支部大会   D-104 (5 pages), D-104-D-104   Sep 2016
Kunihiko Fujiwara,Tomoko Yonezawa
2016年度情報処理学会関西支部大会   B-01 (8 pages), B-01-B-01   Sep 2016
Hiroaki Ueda,Tomoko Yonezawa
2016年度情報処理学会関西支部大会   B-02 (8 pages), B-02-B-02   Sep 2016
Yuto Nishiumi,Naoto Yoshida,Tomoko Yonezawa
2016年度情報処理学会関西支部大会   B-101 (5 pages), B-101-B-101   Sep 2016
Naoto Yoshida,Tomoko Yonezawa
2016年度情報処理学会関西支部大会   D-105 (5 pages), D-105-D-105   Sep 2016
Tomoko Yonezawa,
2016年 感性工学会   感性ロボティクスの未来セッション,F21 (2pages) 感性ロボティクスの未来セッション,F21-感性ロボティクスの未来セッション,F21   Sep 2016
Seamless Change of Modality Volume in Observation of Elderly Daily Lives
Tomoko Yonezawa,Yusuke Naka
ICServn2016   pp.73--79 73-73   Sep 2016   [Refereed]
Naoto Yoshida,Tomoko Yonezawa
IEICE Japanese Journal (Society D),   Vol.J99-D, No.9, pp.915--925(J99-D) 9-915   Sep 2016   [Refereed]
Yusuke Naka,Tomoko Yonezawa
HI tech. meeting   SIG-ACI-17, Vol.18, No.1, pp. 61--68,(18) 1-61   Mar 2016
Ryosuke Matsuoka,Naoto Yoshida,Tomoko Yonezawa
HI tech. meeting   SIG-ACI-17, Vol.18, No.1, pp. 1--10,(18) 1-1   Mar 2016
Sho Hanasaki,Naoto Yoshida,Tomoko Yonezawa
IPSJ Tech. meeting ICS   vol.2016-ICS-183, no. 12, pp. 1--8(2016-ICS-183) 12-1   Mar 2016
Hiroaki Ueda,Xiaoshun Meng,Naoto Yoshida,Tomoko Yonezawa
IPSJ Tech. meeting ICS   vol.2016-ICS-183, no. 3, pp. 1--9,(2016-ICS-184) 3-1   Mar 2016
Kunihiko Fujiwara,Tomoko Yonezawa
IPSJ Tech. meeting ICS   vol.2016-ICS-183, no. 4, pp. 1--8,(2016-ICS-185) 4-1   Mar 2016
Keiichiro Nagao,Kunihiko Fujiwara,Naoto Yoshida,Tomoko Yonezawa
IPSJ Tech. meeting ICS   vol.2016-ICS-183, no. 10, pp. 1--8,(2016-ICS-186) 10-1   Mar 2016
Kaoru Maeda,Kunihiko Fujiwara,Naoto Yoshida,Tomoko Yonezawa
IPSJ Tech. meeting ICS   vol.2016-ICS-183, no. 9, pp. 1--8,(2016-ICS-187) 9-1   Mar 2016
Supporting speaker's understanding using color-overlapped image based on estimation of audience participation
Yuki Ishikawa,Yusuke naka,Tomoko Yonezawa
IEICE Tech. Meeting (ET)   信学技報 ET2015--117, pp.129--136(ET2015-117) 129-129   Mar 2016
Auditory localization in closed space by synchronization algorithm of multiple portable devices
Yosuke Ino,Yuki Ishikawa,Yusuke Naka,Tomoko Yonezawa
IEICE Tech Meeting (EA)   vol.115, no.424, EA2015-58, pp. 19--26,(115) 424-19   Jan 2016
Wearable robot that measures user vital signs for elderly care and support
Hirotake Yamazoe,Tomoko Yonezawa
9th EAI International Conference on Bio-inspired Information and Communications Technologies   Pages 53-56 53-53   Dec 2015   [Refereed]
Design of Pet Robots with Limitations of Lives and Inherited Characteristics
Tomoko Yonezawa,Naoto Yoshida,Kento Kuboshima
9th EAI International Conference on Bio-inspired Information and Communications Technologies   Pages 69-72 69-69   Dec 2015   [Refereed]
Breathing Expression for Intimate Communication Corresponding to the Physical Distance and Contact between Human and Robot
Naoto Yoshida,Yukari Nakatani,Tomoko Yonezawa
9th EAI International Conference on Bio-inspired Information and Communications Technologies   Pages 65-68 65-65   Dec 2015   [Refereed]
Meng Xiaoshun,Naoto Yoshida,Tomoko Yonezawa
HAI Symposium 2015   P18, pp.165--170(P18) P18-165   Dec 2015
Hiroaki Ueda,Meng Xiaoshun,Tomoko Yonezawa
HAI Symposium 2015   P22, pp.192--197(P22) P22-192   Dec 2015
Naoto Yoshida,Tomoko Yonezawa
HAI Symposium 2015   P27, pp.216--221(P27) P27-216   Dec 2015
Meng Xiaoshun,Naoto Yoshida,Tomoko Yonezawa
Ubiquitous Robots and Ambient Intelligence 2015   TC4-4, pp. 347--352(TC4-4) 347-347   Oct 2015   [Refereed]
Direction indication mechanism by pulling user's cloth for wearable message robot
Hirotake Yamazoe,Tomoko Yonezawa
ICAT-EGVE 2015   P2 (4 pages) P2-P2   Oct 2015   [Refereed]
Naoto Yoshida,Tomoko Yonezawa
Human Agent Interaction 2015   pp.97--103 97-97   Oct 2015   [Refereed]
Ryota Fuwa,Yusuke Naka,Naoto Yoshida,Tomoko Yonezawa
IPSJ Kansai Conf.   G-12 (6 pages) G-12-G-12   Sep 2015
Hikaru Komori,Naoto Yoshida,Tomoko Yonezawa
IPSJ Kansai Conf.   C-09 (6 pages) C-09-C-09   Sep 2015
Naoya Okamoto,Naoto Yoshida,Tomoko Yonezawa
IPSJ Kansai Conf.   G-14 (8 pages) G-14-G-14   Sep 2015
Keiichiro Nagao,Naoto Yoshida,Tomoko Yonezawa
IPSJ Kansai Conf.   C-08 (7 pages) C-08-C-08   Sep 2015
Yusuke Naka,Tomoko Yonezawa
IPSJ Kansai Conf.   C-10 (6 pages) C-10-C-10   Sep 2015
Shota Yanagi,Naoto Yoshida,Tomoko Yonezawa
IPSJ Kansai Conf.   G-13 (8 pages) G-13-G-13   Sep 2015
Wearable robot with vital sensors for elderly care and support
Hirotake Yamazoe,Tomoko Yonezawa
ROMAN 2015 Interactive Session   IS-12 IS-12-IS-12   Sep 2015   [Refereed]
Tomoko Yonezawa,Naoto Yoshida,Jumpei Nishinaka
ROMAN 2015   pp.549-554 549-549   Sep 2015   [Refereed]
Support for Building User's Mindmap by Conversational Agent Moving Around Nodes
Yuto Nishiumi,Naoto Yoshida,Tomoko Yonezawa
IEICE Tech Meeting HCS   pp.1--5 1-1   Aug 2015
Design of Virtual Agent Estimating Multiple Persons' Possession of Objects
Kaede Ueno,Naoto Yoshida,Tomoko Yonezawa
IEICE Tech Meeting HCS   pp.7-12 7-7   Aug 2015
Management and negotiation agent showing nonverbal behaviors among other members' presence
Kunihiko Fujiwara,Naoto Yoshida,Tomoko Yonezawa
IEICE Tech Meeting HCS   pp.13-18 13-13   Aug 2015
Yusuke Naka,Naoto Yoshida,Tomoko Yonezawa
HCII2015, Springer International Publishing Switzerland, N. Streitz and P. Markopoulos (Eds.):   DAPI 2015, LNCS 9189, pp.506-517(DAPI 2015) LNCS 9189-506   Aug 2015   [Refereed]
Tomoko Yonezawa,
HCII2015, Springer International Publishing Switzerland, N. Streitz and P. Markopoulos (Eds.):   DAPI 2015, LNCS 9189, pp.224-236(DAPI 2015) LNCS 9189-224   Aug 2015   [Refereed]
Evaluating Elements of Communicative Stuffed-toy Device Describes Scripts on SNS
Haruka Mase,Tomoko Yonezawa,Kazuki Joe
PDPTA 2015   pp.310-316 310-310   Jul 2015   [Refereed]
Haruka Mase,Tomoko Yonezawa,Kazuki Joe
IPSJ MPS Tech Meeting   2015-MPS-104, vol.13, pp1-4(13) 1-1   Jul 2015


Naoto Yoshida,
TGL T-lab Professional (米澤のバーチャルリアリティー概論内ミニコーナー)      Jan 2017   [Invited]
ninoude-hiko-tai (team of students),
IVRC2015      Sep 2015
aoi-chan (team of students),
IVRC2015      Sep 2015
green lab. (team of students),
IVRC2013      Sep 2013
実用と「芸術と科学」 〜音声・音楽・映像処理のモチベーション〜
Tomoko Yonezawa,
慶應義塾大学湘南藤沢キャンパス 「芸術と科学」特別講義      Dec 2009   [Invited]
ひらめきと必要と実用 〜科学と技術のモチベーション〜
Tomoko Yonezawa,
千葉商科大学      Dec 2009   [Invited]
インタフェースの発想と展開〜 メディア・デバイス・視線コミュニケーションの応用研究の紹介
Tomoko Yonezawa,
慶應義塾大学理工学部矢上キャンパス 情報工学特別講義      2009   [Invited]
音声の表情付与とインタフェース: 歌声の声色モーフィングにおける表情強度の連続性の知覚分析と関連研究紹介
Tomoko Yonezawa,
慶應義塾大学湘南藤沢キャンパス      2008   [Invited]
Kenji Mase,Naomi Takano,Sidney Fels,Tomoko Yonezawa
2001けいはんなメディアコンサート      Oct 2001

Conference Activities & Talks

私たちはホントに他人と繋がってる?〜ロボット・バーチャルリアリティ・音響技術・SNSから考えるコミュニケーション〜 [Invited]
Tomoko Yonezawa,
大阪大学サイエンスカフェ 第18回ひとこといちば   26 Sep 2017   
Voisticky: Sharable and Portable Auditory Balloon with Voice Sticky Posted and Browsed by User's Head Direction
Tomoko Yonezawa,Hirotake Yamazoe
The 1st International Scientific Conference on Hospitality and its Applications (ISCHA)   8 Aug 2017   
壁を這うやつのシステム紹介(指導学生のミニ講演) [Invited]
Kaede Ueno,
TGL T-lab Professional (米澤のバーチャルリアリティー概論内ミニコーナー)   31 Jan 2017   
バーチャルリアリティー概論 [Invited]
Tomoko Yonezawa,
TGL T-lab Professional   31 Jan 2017   
Tomoko Yonezawa,
広島工大シンポジウム「高齢化社会と情報技術」   10 Dec 2016   
擬人化を用いた社会インタラクションと自然な情報伝達 [Invited]
Tomoko Yonezawa,
社会知能研究会 特別講演   Mar 2012   
擬人化インタラクションとセラピー効果におけるモノづくりアプローチ [Invited]
Tomoko Yonezawa,
東北大学電気通信研究所共同プロジェクト研究会   Feb 2012   
高齢者の見守りと快適な情報提供のためのロボット学 [Invited]
Tomoko Yonezawa,
奈良女子大学 第九回研究フォーラム   Nov 2011   
ぬいぐるみロボットとユーザの視線インタラクションの設計 [Invited]
Tomoko Yonezawa,
ヒューマンインタフェース学会コミュニケーション支援専門研究委員会 第6回研究談話会   Oct 2011   
Ubiquitous generation: change of education for informatics [Invited]
Tomoko Yonezawa,
IEEE ICSPCC 2011   Sep 2011   
Voisticky [Invited]
Tomoko Yonezawa,Hirotake Yamazoe
IVS 2010 Fall   Dec 2010   
Voisticky [Invited]
Tomoko Yonezawa,Hirotake Yamazoe
ケータイ国際フォーラム 2010   Mar 2010   
Voisticky [Invited]
Tomoko Yonezawa,Hirotake Yamazoe
BRIDGE 2009   Nov 2009   

Research Grants & Projects

Project Year: Apr 2018 - Mar 2022    Investigator(s): Hirotake Yamazoe
Project Year: Apr 2018 - Mar 2020    Investigator(s): Yu Enokibori
Project Year: Apr 2015 - Mar 2018    Investigator(s): Noriaki Kuwahara
Project Year: Apr 2013 - Mar 2017
Kansai University: Subsidy for Supporting Young Scholars
Project Year: Apr 2012 - Mar 2014    Investigator(s): Masaki Ogino
Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology: Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research(基盤研究(B))
Project Year: 2009 - 2011    Investigator(s): Noriaki KUWAHARA
We' ve studied the method for supporting the daily-living of people with dementia by using media technology. We utilized the eye communication model between an anthropomorphic agent and human in order to motivate people with dementia, and also to ...
Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology: Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research(若手研究(B))
Project Year: 2008 - 2010    Investigator(s): Tomoko YONEZAWA
Robots and virtual agents have each own (given) character for each product using their original multimodal data set of voices and motions. However, their given characters sometimes interrupt various expressions for communicative purposes. In this ...
Nagoya University: COE cross-section projects for young researchers
Project Year: May 2005 - Mar 2006    Investigator(s): Tomoko Yonezawa