Niisaku Yoshiaki

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Niisaku Yoshiaki
Musashino University
Faculty of Economics Liberal Arts Education

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2011
Mar 2014
Special researcher of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
May 2014
Feb 2015
The Institute for the Cultural and Intellectual History of Asia, Austrian Academy of Sciences Researcher
Oct 2015
Feb 2016
Apr 2017


Apr 2008
Mar 2011
Graduate School, Division of Humanities, The University of Tokyo
Apr 2011
Mar 2015
Graduate School, Division of Humanities, The University of Tokyo
Apr 2015
Feb 2016
The University of Tokyo
Apr 2002
Mar 2006
Faculty of Literature, Keio University
Apr 2006
Mar 2008
Faculty of Literature, The University of Tokyo

Published Papers

Reconsideration of the Two Truths in the Prasannapadā: What is “laukikaṃ paramārtham”?
Niisaku Yoshiaki
International Journal of Buddhist Thought and Culture   29(1) 53-72   Jun 2019   [Refereed][Invited]
"Mulamadhyamakakarika, Chapter 18, Verse 2 and the Prasannapada's Commentary Thereon"
Journal of Indian and Buddhist Studies   65(3) 1198-1204   Mar 2017
"Prapanca in the Prajnapradipa/-tika: Examples from the Commentary on Chapter 22, Verse 11"
Journal of Indian and Buddhist Studies   62(3) 161-165   Mar 2014   [Refereed]
Quotations from the Astasahasrika Prajnaparamita in Chapter 18 of the Prasannapada
Niisaku Yoshiaki
Journal of Indian and Buddhist Studies   67(3) 1137-1142   Mar 2019   [Refereed]

Conference Activities & Talks

Quotations of the Aṣṭasāhasrikā Prajñāpāramitā in Chapter 18 of the Prasannapadā [Invited]
Niisaku Yoshiaki
International Conference on the Mūlamadhyamakakārikā and Madhyamaka Thought   27 Jul 2018   
Candrakirti's Crticism of Bhaviveka in the Prasannapada Chapter 18
International Workshop on "Bhaviveka and Satyadvaya"   29 May 2016   
One Aspect of Prapanca in the Prasannapada and Prjnapradipa/-tika: Based on the Examples in Chapter 18
International Workshop on Bhaviveka vs. Candrakirti   27 Aug 2015   
laukikam paramartham: Textual Problems in the Commentary on Chapter 24, Verse 10, in the Prasannapada
17th Congress of the International Association of Buddhist Studies   20 Aug 2014