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7 1-9   Mar 2019   [Refereed][Invited]
Effects of past grassland improvement on grassland vegetation: a case study of Aso Region, Japan
39(2) 113-119   Jan 2017   [Refereed]
Tsutsumi Michio, Sasaki Hiroyuki, Takahashi Yoshitaka
Japanese Journal of Grassland Science   57(4) 212-216   2012   [Refereed]
小林 英和, 安藤 貞, 松本 和典, 高橋 佳孝, 山本 直幸
Kinki Chugoku Shikoku agricultural research   (18) 79-84   Mar 2011   [Refereed]
FUKASAWA Michiru, TSUTSUMI Michio, EMOTO Shigeki, SHINDE Shogo, KUMAGAI Shuichirou, TAKAHASHI Yoshitaka
Nihon Chikusan Gakkaiho   82(1) 61-67   Feb 2011   [Refereed]
We developed a questionnaire to investigate the occurrence of breakouts of grazing cattle from electric fences and thereby determine the factors that could prevent such breakout. The questionnaire was distributed among farmers whose cattle grazed...
Ueda Hironori, Takahashi Yoshitaka, Inoue Masateru
Japanese Journal of Grassland Science   56(1) 20-25   Apr 2010   [Refereed]
Wild boars cause grazing damage on temperate grasslands shortly after the grasslands are renovated. However, there is no available information regarding grazing damage in grasslands that are not renovated. We investigated the relationship between ...
Tsutsumi Michio, Takahashi Yoshitaka, Emoto Shigeki, Ito Naoya, Sahara Shigeyuki, Yoshimura Tomoko
Japanese Journal of Grassland Science   56(1) 47-51   Apr 2010   [Refereed]
In Japan, the use of abandoned cultivated land for cattle grazing has been increasing. To establish a simple method for estimating the grazing capacity of abandoned cultivated land, we first examined several methods for the estimation of herbage m...
Tsutsumi Michio, Takahashi Yoshitaka, Nishiguchi Yasuhiko, Emoto Shigeki, Ito Naoya, Sahara Shigeyuki, Yoshimura Tomoko, Watanabe Takayuki
Japanese Journal of Grassland Science   55(3) 242-245   Oct 2009   [Refereed]
In Japan, the use of abandoned cultivated lands for cattle (mainly breeding cattle) grazing has been increasing. However, the feeding value of wild plants at there has been little investigated according to vegetation types, and corresponding infor...
Takahashi Yoshitaka, Inoue Masahito, Tsutsumi Michio, Shirakawa Katsunobu, Ohta Yoko, Watanabe Sonoko, Kaneko Shingo, Sakuma Tomoko
Japanese Journal of Grassland Science   55(3) 246-250   Oct 2009   [Refereed]
KANEKO Shingo, SEI Sumio, TAKAHASHI Yoshitaka, ISAGI Yuji
Japanese journal of conservation ecology   14(1) 125-130   May 2009   [Refereed]
Echinops setifer is an endangered perennial herb found in semi-natural grassland in the Tokai, Chugoku, and Kyushu regions of Japan. To elucidate the status of E. setifer populations on Aso Mountain and Chugoku Mountain regions, we conducted field...


高橋 佳孝, 井上 雅仁, 白川 勝信
Bulletin of the Shimane Nature Museum of Mt. Sanbe (Sahimel)   (9) 1-24   Mar 2011
Aso Kujyu National Park - Various Services and Sustainable Usage of Secondary-Natural Grassland -
Proceedings: Examination of the Effectiveness and Issues Relating to the Japanese Natural Park System - Meeting for Experts in Japan, and The International Workshop on Governance in Asian Protected Areas: Follow-up on the Aichi Target (Post 2010 Target) a   39-41   2011
日本作物學會紀事   79 210-211   Sep 2010
高橋 佳孝, 井上 雅仁, 堤 道生
Bulletin of the Shimane Nature Museum of Mt. Sanbe (Sahimel)   (8) 1-5   Mar 2010
Sugiyama Shu-ichi, Takahashi Yoshitaka
Japanese Journal of Grassland Science   56(3)    2010
兼子 伸吾, 井上 雅仁, 高橋 佳孝
Bulletin of the Shimane Nature Museum of Mt. Sanbe (Sahimel)   (7) 25-28   Mar 2009
高橋 佳孝, 堤 道生, 小林 英和
Bulletin of the Shimane Nature Museum of Mt. Sanbe (Sahimel)   (7) 29-36   Mar 2009
太田 陽子, 高橋 佳孝, 井上 雅仁
Bulletin of the Akiyoshi-dai Museum of Natural History.   (43) 55-68   Mar 2008
高橋 佳孝, 井上 雅仁, Ondopa Justin
Bulletin of the Shimane Nature Museum of Mt. Sanbe (Sahimel)   (6) 1-6   Mar 2008
高橋 佳孝, 井上 雅仁, 兼子 伸吾
Bulletin of the Shimane Nature Museum of Mt. Sanbe (Sahimel)   (6) 7-11   Mar 2008

Books etc

Shifting Cultivation Policies -Balancing Environmental and Social Sustainability-
Malcolm Cairns (eds.) (Part:Contributor, Yoshitaka Takahashi, Andreas Neef, Hiroshi Yokogawa "Conservation and restoraton of traditional grasslands in the Mount Aso region of Kyushu, Japan: The role of collaborative management and public policy support" pp174-192)
CAB International   Nov 2017   ISBN:9781786391797
Satoyama-Satoumi Ecosystems and human Well-being: Socio-ecological Production Landscapes of Japan
United Nations University Press   2012   ISBN:97892808451
Natural Environment Management and Applied System Analysis
Marek Makowski, Hirotaka Nakayama (eds.) (Part:Contributor, Yoshitaka Takahashi "The Importance of Cattle Grazing in Land Resource Management: The Case of the Mount Sanbe Grassland in Southwestern Japan" pp277-293)
Jul 2001   

Conference Activities & Talks

日本草地学会誌   26 Mar 2004   
KOBAYASHI Hidekazu, SATO Setsuro, TAKAHASHI Yoshitaka, IDE Yasuyuki
Japanese Journal of Crop Science   17 Sep 2003   
Ecological study on species richness and co-existence of herbaceous plants and butterfly species in semi-natural grassland
Justin Ondopa, Yoshitaka Takahashi, Akira Kikuchi, Nobukazu Nakagoshi
Jul 2003   
The influence of environmental factors on species diversity in a hilly grazing land
Ai Imahori, Yoshitaka Takahashi, Kazuaki Naito, Nobukazu Nakagoshi
Mar 2003   
Biodiversity and environmental factors in a hilly grazing land
Ai Imahori, Yoshitaka Takahashi, Kazuaki Naito, Nobukazu Nakagoshi
The 8th International Congress of Ecology   Aug 2002   
Conserving biological diversity on a semi-natural grassland in southwestern Japan by grazing
Kazuaki Naito, Yoshitaka Takahashi
The 8th International Congress of Ecology   Aug 2002   
A prelimanary study of reproductive biology of Dovetree (Davidia involucrata)
Bin Lu, Yoshitaka Takahashi, Shuang-Quan Huang
Botany 2002   Aug 2002   
Seed set pattern of a spring flower Pulsatilla (Ranunculaceae) in Japan
Shuang-Quan Huang,Yoshitaka Takahashi
Botany 2002   Aug 2002   
The flower stalk of Pulsatilla cernua bends during anthesis: A way to avoid rain?
Shuang-Quan Huang、Yoshitaka Takahashi
Mar 2002   
The importance of cattle grazing in land resource management: the case of the Mt. Sanbe grassland in southwestern Japan
Yoshitaka Takahashi
6 Sep 2000