Choi Young

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Choi Young
Shizuoka Eiwa Gakuin University
Faculty of Humanities and Social SciencesDepartment of Humanities and Social Sciences
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Published Papers

A case study of Tourism Startup Programme by the Korea Tourism Organization
Choi Young
   Dec 2019
A Study on Entrepreneurship Seminar by Industry-Academia Partnership B-nest and Shizuoka Eiwa Gakuin University's Management and Tourism Education Initiatives
Choi Young
Human Resource Development for Tourism Sector in Shizuoka City
Choi Young
The annual report of academic research   (第16)    2018
A study on features of customer’s behavior to use coupon service
Choi Young
Proceedings of 11th International Marketing Trends Conference CDROM      2012
Present Situation of Internal Stakeholders of Place Branding in Japan – Municipalities in Kanto and Koshin-etsu
Choi Young,Okamoto Naohisa
Proceedings of 2nd Regional Conference on Tourism Research (RCTR2011)      Nov 2011


崔 瑛
日本観光研究学会全国大会学術論文集 Proceedings of JITR annual conference   32 225-228   Dec 2017
野瀬 元子, 古屋 秀樹, 崔 瑛
日本観光研究学会全国大会学術論文集 Proceedings of JITR annual conference   32 17-20   Dec 2017
古屋 秀樹, 野瀬 元子, 崔 瑛
日本観光研究学会全国大会学術論文集 Proceedings of JITR annual conference   32 5-8   Dec 2017
野瀬 元子, 古屋 秀樹, 崔 瑛
日本観光研究学会全国大会学術論文集 Proceedings of JITR annual conference   31 225-228   Dec 2016
崔 瑛, 古屋 秀樹, 野瀬 元子
日本観光研究学会全国大会学術論文集 Proceedings of JITR annual conference   31 173-176   Dec 2016
崔 瑛, 松本 元邦, 野毛 満理
日本観光研究学会全国大会学術論文集   28 5-8   Dec 2013
Choi Young, Okamoto Naohisa
Journal of the City Planning Institute of Japan   47(2) 105-116   2012
This study was undertaken as an investigation of the present situation of internal stakeholders in place branding in Japan, with emphasis on municipalities in the Kanto and Koshin-etsu areas. The purpose of this study is understanding the characte...
崔 瑛
Annals of the Japan Association of Regional Policy Scientists   (8) 105-112   Mar 2010
岡本 直久, 崔 瑛
Proceedings of JITR annual conference   23 165-168   Nov 2008
CHOI Young, OBASE Reiji, OKAMOTO Naohisa
Doboku Gakkai Ronbunshuu D   25 319-328   2008
In the view of the changing social needs in recent years, appropriate strategic management is required from local government. Place branding provides a useful way of regional management. The purpose of this research is to clearly define the future...

Books etc

New Tourism Research―Place Branding in Japan : Internal Stakeholder's View―(Chapter1: Tourism Planning)
Choi Young (Part:Joint Work)
Sustainable Tourism Research Cluster Office   2013   

Conference Activities & Talks

Research on the Critical Factors Influencing Employees' Job Satisfaction in The Japanese Hospitality Industry
Choi Young
23rd International Business Research Conference Proceedings (WBI Melbourne Conference 2013 November)   Nov 2013   
Individual Recognition Model for Place Branding Strategy
Choi Young, Okamoto Naohisa
Proceedings of Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies,Vol.8   Jun 2011