Yuya Takane

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Yuya Takane
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
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Academic & Professional Experience

Oct 2017
Senior Researcher, Environmental Management Research Institute, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
Feb 2017
Feb 2019
Visiting Researcher, Department of Meteorology, University of Reading
Apr 2015
Sep 2017
Researcher, Environmental Management Research Institute, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
Apr 2013
Mar 2015
Research Institute for Environmental Management Technology, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology


Apr 2010
Mar 2013
Doctoral Program in Geoenvironmental Sciences, Graduate School of Life and Environmental Sciences, University of Tsukuba
Apr 2008
Mar 2010
Graduate School of Life and Environmental Sciences, University of Tsukuba

Awards & Honors

Jun 2014
Mechanisms of foehn wind and a recent record-breaking high temperature in the Tokyo metropolitan area using the WRF model, Poster Award, The 6th International Symposium on Computational Wind Engineering (CWE2014)
Winner: Yuya Takane, Hiroyuki Kusaka, Hiroaki Kondo
Jul 2013
Mechanism of Extreme High Temperature and Foehn in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area: Case Study for June 24, 2011, Best Poster Award, Heat Island Institute International
Winner: Yuya Takane, Hiroyuki Kusaka, Hiroaki Kondo
Jul 2008
熊谷猛暑の形成メカニズム -2007年8月16日の事例解析-, 日本ヒートアイランド学会第3回全国大会最優秀論文発表賞, Heat Island Institute International
Winner: TAKANE Yuya, KUSAKA Hiroyuki, HARA Masayuki, ADACHIi A. Sachiho, KIMURA Fujio

Published Papers

Yuya Takane, Hiroaki Kondo, Hiroyuki Kusaka, Jin Katagi, Osamu Nagafuchi, Koyomi Nakazawa, Naoki Kaneyasu, Yoshihiro Miyakami
Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology      Apr 2017   [Refereed]
Foehn wind is an important factor in the occurrence of many extreme high temperature (EHT) events in geographically complex regions. In this study, we verified the hypothesis that a foehn-like wind contributes to high temperatures at the end of th...
Yuya Takane, Yukihiro Kikegawa, Masayuki Hara, Tomohiko Ihara, Yukitaka Ohashi, Sachiho A. Adachi, Hiroaki Kondo, Kazuki Yamaguchi, and Naoki Kaneyasu
International Journal of Climatology      Apr 2017   [Refereed]
In this study, we validated urban air temperature and electricity demand by a year-round numerical simulation using a regional climate model coupled with an urban canopy model and a building energy model (RCM-UCM+BEM) in the Asian megacity, Osaka,...
Yuya Takane, Hiroyuki Kusaka, Hiroaki Kondo, Maki Okada, Midori Takaki, Shiori Abe, Shota Tanaka, Kenji Miyamoto, Yukino Fuji, Toru Nagai
International Journal of Climatology   37(3) 1456-1473   Mar 2017   [Refereed]
In this study, multi-scale climatological features of extreme high temperature (EHT) events in Tajimi, the hottest cities in Japan, were investigated using observational data collected by the Japan Meteorological Agency over the past 23 years, and...
亀卦川幸浩, 山川洋平, 徳竹衿也, 大橋唯太, 高根雄也, 井原智彦, 鍋島美奈子
土木学会論文集 G(環境)   73(2) 57‐69   2017   [Refereed]
伊藤淳史, 仲吉信人, 山城拓登, 小川憲人, 高根雄也, 日下博幸
土木学会論文集 B1(水工学)(Web)   72(4) 73‐78   2016   [Refereed]
To clarify the mechanism of the recent record-breaking high temperature at Ekawasaki AMeDAS, we conducted statistical analyses using 35-years AMeDAS data since 1988 and the field observation around Ekawasaki in 2015. From the statistical analyses,...
Yuya Takane, Shouhei Aoki, Yukihiro Kikegawa, Yohei Yamakawa, Masayuki Hara, Hiroaki Kondo, Satoru Iizuka
Journal of Environmental Engineering (Transactions of AIJ)   80(716) 973-983   Oct 2015   [Refereed]
Extreme high temperature events occur frequently in Nagoya city of Japan, and have been of great concern recently because they bring risks to the energy supply, public health, and more. In this study, changes in electricity demand and thermal comf...
Yuya Takane, Hiroyuki Kusaka, and Hiroaki Kondo
Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society   141(690) 1857-1869   Jul 2015   [Refereed]
A record-breaking high temperature of 39.8 °C in June in Japan was observed at 1420 Japan Standard Time (JST) on 24 June 2011 60 km northwest of central Tokyo. In this EHT event, surface air temperatures above 37.0 °C were recorded in and around K...
Yuya Takane, Hiroyuki Kusaka, and Hiroaki Kondo
International Journal of Climatology   34(15) 3926-3938   Dec 2014   [Refereed]
Over the past 22 years (1990–2011), the inland part of the Tokyo metropolitan area has had 75 days with an extreme high temperature (EHT) higher than 37.2 ºC in Kumagaya, Saitama Prefecture. To determine the synoptic-scale and mesoscale conditions...
Hiroyuki Kusaka, Keiko Nawata, Asuka Suzuki-Parker, Yuya Takane, and Nana Furuhashi
Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology   53(4) 824-839   Apr 2014   [Refereed]
This study examines how urbanization affects the precipitation climatology in Tokyo, Japan. A unique aspect of this study is that an ensemble, regional climatological simulation approach is used with sensitivity experiments to reduce uncertainty a...
Maki Okada, Hiroyuki Kusaka, Midori Takaki, Shiori Abe, Yuya Takane, Yukino Fuji, Toru Nagai
Tenki   61(1) 23-29   Jan 2014   [Refereed]
To research the distribution of air temperature in the city of Tajimi,Gifu prefecture,a total of 15 thermometers were placed at the schools and parks in the city of Tajimi,and the city of Kasugai,Aichi prefecture in August 2010.From the distributi...
Yuya Takane, Yukitaka Ohashi, Hiroyuki Kusaka, Yoshinori Shigeta, and Yukihiro Kikegawa
Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology   52(8) 1764-1778   Aug 2013   [Refereed]
The actual conditions of the mesoscale summer high temperatures (HT) recorded in Osaka-Kyoto urban area in Japan were investigated by using our observation network. The daytime temperatures observed on ten HT events in this area were the highest i...
Kusaka Hiroyuki, Natsumi Iijima, Tomohiko Ihara, Masayuki Hara, Yuya Takane, and Satoru Iizuka
Journal of Environmental Engineering   78(693) 873-881   2013   [Refereed]
This study projects future climate in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka in summer under the IPCC SRES (Special Report on Emission Scenarios) A1b scenario by the dynamical downscaling method with the WRF (Weather Research and Forecasting) model. Furthermore...
Hiroyuki Kusaka, Masayuki Hara, and Yuya Takane
Journal of the Meteorological Society of Japan   90(0) 47-63   Mar 2012   [Refereed]
This study presents the projected urban climate for the 2070s’ August in the three largest urban areas, Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya in Japan. To accurately evaluate the urban climate, the simulations use the Weather Research and Forecast (WRF) model ...
Yuya Takane, Hiroyuki Kusaka, and Masayuki Hara
Journal of Heat Island Institute International   7 18-26   2012   [Refereed]
There are few studies that conducted urban climate projection using Regional Climate Model (RCM) with high horizontal resolution that is capable of resolving urban area. In this study, urban climate projection for the 2070’s August for the three m...
Hiroyuki Kusaka, Yuya Takane, Shiori Abe, Midori Takaki, Yoshinori Shigeta, Yukitaka Ohashi and Buhe Baoyin
Journal of Heat Island Institute International   7 1-9   2012   [Refereed]
A field experiment was performed in 25 parks and school yards in Tsukuba city, Ibaraki Prefecture, for 6-9 August 2008 to examine city-scale urban heat island phenomenon on clear summer nights. In addition, uncertainty in urban-rural temperature d...
Yuya Takane, and Hiroyuki Kusaka
Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology   50(9) 1827-1841   Sep 2011   [Refereed]
A record-breaking high surface air temperature in Japan of 40.9°C was observed on 16 August 2007 in Kumagaya, located 60 km northwest of central Tokyo. In this study, the formation mechanisms of this extreme high temperature event are statisticall...
Hiroyuki Kusaka, Tomoyuki Takata, and Yuya Takane
Scientific Online Letters on the Atmosphere   6 113-116   2010   [Refereed]
The present study provides a preliminary evaluation of the WRF model at 4-km horizontal resolution in central Japan with a 5-year control simulation. The results show that the spatial distribution of the annual mean temperature is well reproduced ...


高根雄也, 日下博幸
電力土木   376(376) 99-104   Mar 2015   [Invited]
安全工学   57(1) 7‐14   Jan 2018   [Invited]

Research Grants & Projects

Interaction between urban climate and human activities in a mega city
Japan society for the promotion of science: JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowship for Research Abroad
Project Year: Feb 2017 - Jan 2019    Investigator(s): Yuya Takane