Yoshiaki TAKAO

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Yoshiaki TAKAO
Tokyo Metropolitan University
Graduate School of Social Sciences, Department of Business Administration
Job title
Ph.D. in Economic(Kyoto University), Master of Economics(Kyoto University), Bachelor of Education(Kyoto University)

Published Papers

Takao Yoshiaki
Organizational Science   48(4) 71-83   2015
Several recent studies have suggested that former employees may bring benefits to their former companies. However, the conditions under which former employees tend to benefit their former companies have not been fully investigated. This article ex...


椙山 泰生, 高尾 義明
組織科学   45(1) 4-16   2011
南木 睦彦, 高尾 義明
Kyoto University researches in higher education   12 103-115   Dec 2006
TAKAO Yoshiaki
Social and economic systems studies   (17) 35-39   Oct 1998
This Paper is a first step to introducing Luhmnan's social system theory into organization theory which has come to a deadlock. We focus especially on relationship between communication anddecision. Luhmann defines communication as a synthesis of ...
TAKAO Yoshiaki
Social and economic systems studies   (20) 44-50   Nov 2001
Recently, evaluations for the organization system are not high. But, this paper re-evaluates organization system from the viewpoint of selection ascription, and regards it as one of the social institutions for innovation. Organizations are sociall...
TAKAO Yoshiaki
Social and economic systems studies   (31) 67-75   Oct 2010
The improvement of compliance in and around organizations is one of the critical problems for sustainability of social and economic systems. Studies on organizational compliance are mainly on practical and normative researches and insufficient in ...
TAKAO Yoshiaki
Social and economic systems studies   (23) 88-93   Oct 2002
This paper examines a problematique of risk management on organization systems referring to Niklas Luhmann's risk theory. Luhmann focuses on 'second-order' observations of how risks are explained rather than first-order observations of risk existe...
Takao Yoshiaki
Journal of the Center for Research and Development in Higher Education, University of Marketing and Distribution Sciences   1 25-34   Apr 2005
TAKAO Yoshiaki
Keizai-ronso : The economic review   166(3) 19-34   2000
高尾 義明
Journal of management philosophy   7(2) 38-51   Aug 2010
山田 健太, 高尾 義明
経営と制度   12 61-71   Feb 2014
This study investigates mediating factors between old and new managers' leader-member exchange (LMX) qualities in replacement of managers. Drawing on past studies on leadership succession, affective reaction to prior leader's departure is posited ...
山田 健太, 高尾 義明
経営と制度   (12) 61-71   Feb 2014
TAKAO Yoshiaki
Transactions of the Academic Association for Organizational Science   2(1) 69-74   2013
The literature on identification in organizational contexts is rapidly growing during the past two decades. Recently, many studies have probed complexity of identification in the terms of multiple identification. However, past research has mainly ...
TAKAO Yoshiaki
Transactions of the Academic Association for Organizational Science   1(2) 78-84   2012

Research Grants & Projects

Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology: Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research(基盤研究(C))
Project Year: 2007 - 2009    Investigator(s): Yoshiaki TAKAO
This study aims to development of prescriptive studies on organizational norms, referring to interdisciplinary studies on norms. I investigated three research themes : (a) constructive studies on whistle-blowing ; (b) empirical and constructive st...
Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology: Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research(基盤研究(C))
Project Year: 2010 - 2012    Investigator(s): Yoshiaki TAKAO
This study examines organizational management which enables to promote norm sharing, which academic scholars have rarely studied. The study is aimed to advance integration of knowledge sharing with norm sharing. Specifically, two topics are mainly...