Yasuyuki Taki

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Yasuyuki Taki
Tohoku University
Institute of Development,Aging and Cancer

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Takeuchi H, Taki Y, Nouchi R, Yokoyama R, Kotozaki Y, Nakagawa S, Sekiguchi A, Iizuka K, Hanawa S, Araki T, Miyauchi CM, Sakaki K, Sassa Y, Nozawa T, Ikeda S, Yokota S, Daniele M, Kawashima R
Brain structure & function      Sep 2018   [Refereed]
Watanabe T, Shimomura H, Mutoh T, Saito R, Goto R, Yamada T, Notsuda H, Matsuda Y, Noda M, Sakurada A, Taki Y, Okada Y
Surgery today      Sep 2018   [Refereed]
Yamamoto S, Mutoh T, Sasaki K, Mutoh T, Tatewaki Y, Taki Y
Clinical and experimental pharmacology & physiology      Sep 2018   [Refereed]
Sasaki K, Yamamoto S, Mutoh T, Tsuru Y, Taki Y, Kawashima R
Clinical and experimental pharmacology & physiology   45(8) 859-862   Aug 2018   [Refereed]
Takeuchi H, Tomita H, Taki Y, Kikuchi Y, Ono C, Yu Z, Nouchi R, Yokoyama R, Kotozaki Y, Nakagawa S, Sekiguchi A, Iizuka K, Hanawa S, Araki T, Miyauchi CM, Sakaki K, Nozawa T, Ikeda S, Yokota S, Magistro D, Sassa Y, Kawashima R
Cerebral cortex (New York, N.Y. : 1991)      Aug 2018   [Refereed]


TAKI Yasuyuki
Med Imag Tech   33(1) 3-6   2015
Now we confront a super aging society in Japan. In the situation, it is important to preserve our cognitive function for entire life by preventing us from pathological brain aging. To perform the aim, we have built a large brain magnetic resonance...
KONDO Chihiro, ITO Koichi, WU Kai, SATO Kazunori, TAKI Yasuyuki, FUKUDA Hiroshi, AOKl Takafumi
IEICE technical report.   114(311) 11-16   Nov 2014
It is well known that brain tissues have age-related morphological changes through a set of statistical analysis using large-scale brain MRI image databases. This fact allows us to estimate the age of a subject from brain MRI images by evaluating ...
Hashizume Hiroshi, Taki Yasuyuki, Sassa Yuko, Thyreau Benjamin, Asano Michiko, Asano Kohei, Takeuchi Hikaru, Nouchi Rui, Kotozaki Yuka, Jeong Hyeonjeong, Sugiura Motoaki, Kawashima Ryuta
Technical report of IEICE. Thought and language   112(145) 19-23   Jul 2012
Childhood is known to be the best time in life to acquire foreign speech sounds. Therefore, it is important for foreign language education to clarify the neural process relating to foreign speech sounds. Healthy right-handed children (aged 6-18 ye...
TAKI Yasuyuki, KAWASHIMA Ryuta
小児の脳神経   37(3) 223-231   Jun 2012
FUKUDA Hiroshi, TAKI Yasuyuki, Wu Kai, KAWASHIMA Ryuta
IEICE technical report.   110(195) 61-64   Aug 2010
Age-related change of the brain was analyzed using MRI database of the 2,500 Japanese subjects. The gray matter volume decreased with age, while white matter volume increased with age until age of 50 and then went down. Longitudinal study in 383 s...