Murakami Yuichi

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Murakami Yuichi
Hokkaido University

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村上 裕一, 小磯 修二, 関口 麻奈美
年報 公共政策学   12 49-72   Mar 2018
This paper follows our study on the impacts and meanings of the recent 'Local Revitalization Policy' in Shikoku. Although we present complementary evidence based on our survey conducted last year on the Ehime and Kagawa Prefectures of Shikoku that...
村上 裕一
社会技術研究論文集 : Sociotechnica   14 95-104   Jun 2017
村上 裕一, 小磯 修二, 関口 麻奈美
年報 公共政策学   11 119-137   Mar 2017
This paper is one of the first and most comprehensive studies to investigate the meaning of the Abe II administration's 'Local Revitalization Policy' and to review local governments' reactions in Hokkaido. Based on our survey of all the local gove...
村上 裕一
年報公共政策学   (10) 141-165   2016
Regulatory capture has recently been defined as 'the result by which regulation, in law or application, is consistently or repeatedly directed away from the public interest and toward the interests of the regulated industry, by the intent and acti...
村上 裕一
北大法学論集   66(5) 1383-1408   2016


青木 栄一, 伊藤 正次, 河合 晃一, 北村 亘, 曽我 謙悟, 手塚 洋輔, 村上 裕一
東北大学大学院教育学研究科研究年報 = Annual Report Graduate School of Education, Tohoku University   66(1) 177-198   Dec 2017

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Anatomizing MEXT
Eiichi AOKI (Part:Contributor, The Significance of the STA's Evolution to a ‘Control Tower’ of Innovation Policy)
Toshindo   Mar 2019   

Research Grants & Projects

Project Year: Apr 2013 - Mar 2017    Investigator(s): Dr. Yuichi Murakami
This project clarifies the structure and transformation of ‘regulatory space’ and its background from the perspective of public administration (PA). Examined cases of safety regulations indicate that standard-setting and enforcement are also amids...