Yuki Nishimuta

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Yuki Nishimuta
Keio University
Faculty of Letters

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2018
Mar 2019
Keio University

Published Papers

Categorical theory of computation: 2-categorical logic, lambda calculus and term rewriting system
Yuki Nishimuta

Conference Activities & Talks

Girard’s Proof of Takeuti’s Conjecture [Invited]
Yuki Nishimuta
27 Mar 2018   
Short History of Semantic Proofs for Takeuti’s Conjecture
Yuki Nishimuta
24 Mar 2018   
Relationship between Switchings and Introduction rules of Multiplicative Connectives
Yuki Nishimuta
Second Workshop on Mathematical Logic and its application   5 Mar 2018   
Generalized Connectives, Validity of Cut and Deducibility of Identical Condition
Yuki Nishimuta
French-Japanese Workshop “Philosophy of Logic and Mathematics”   20 Jan 2018   
Relationship between the Introduction Rules of the Multiplicative Connectives and the Switching [Invited]
Yuki Nishimuta
WIAS Event “Philosophy of Logic” Workshop: Meaning, Proof, and Inference   12 Dec 2017