Yukie Horiba

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Yukie Horiba
Kanda University of International Studies
Graduate School of Language Sciences
Job title
Ph.D.(University of Minnesota)

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Professor, Graduate School of Language Sciences, Kanda University of International Studies
Associate Professor, Graduate School of Language Sciences, Kanda University of International Studies
Associate Professor (tenured), Department of Asian Languages and Literatures, University of Massachusetts, Amherst


Second Languages and Cultures Education, Graduate School, Education, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis
Foreign Language Education, Graduate School, Education, The Ohio State University

Published Papers

Breadth and depth of vocabulary knowledge in a second language: A developmental perspective.
Yukie Horiba & Thanyarat Sanguansri
Studies in Language Sciences   35 37-55   Mar 2019
Effects of linguistic knowledge, cohesion, and L1 background on comprehension of L2 expository text
Yukie Horiba
Studies in Language Sciences   23 1-20   Mar 2017
Vocabulary knowledge and reading comprehension of academic expository text for Japanese undergraduates
Yukie Horiba, Enoku Iwamoto, & Naoko Nishi
Research report on Japanese language proficiency for KUIS freshmen   1-34   Mar 2017
Second language vocabulary acquisition and performance
Yukie Horiba
Japanese Linguistics   34(14) 40-54   2015   [Invited]
Word knowledge and its relation to text comprehension: A comparative study of Chinese- and Korean-speaking L2 learners and L1 speakers of Japanese.
Yukie Horiba
Studies in Language Sciences   49 37-56   2015
Reading and learning from L2 text: Effects of reading goal, topic familiarity, and language proficiency.
Horiba, Y., & Fukaya, K.
Reading in a Foreign Language   27 22-46   2015   [Refereed]
Second language and identity: A perspective from languages and cultures education.
Yukie Horiba
Studies in Language Sciences   49 37-56   Mar 2013
Task-induced strategic processing in L2 text comprehension.
Yukie Horiba
Reading in a Foreign Language   25 98-125   2013   [Refereed]
Horiba. y., Yamagata, J., Nishi, N., Yi, Y., & Tadokoro, N.
Scientific Approaches to Language   11 215-239   Mar 2012
Effects of task instructions on text processing and learning in a Japanese EFL college nursing setting.
Horiba, Y., & Fukaya., K.
A. Shehadeh & C. Coombe (Eds.), Task-based language teaching in foreign language contexts: Research and implementation   89-107   2012   [Refereed]

Books etc

Reading in English as a second language: Process and instruction
Tsuda College Reading Research Group
Taishukan   2002   

Conference Activities & Talks

How do breadth and depth of vocabulary related to language performance in the reading-and-writing task?
Yukie Horiba & Young Yi
The Japanese Association of Educational Psychology   14 Sep 2019   
What is reading comprehension? Perpectives from second language reading research
Yukie Horiba
27 Jul 2019   
How does vocabulary knowdge relate to CAF of argumentative writing?
Yukie Horiba & Young Yi
Society for Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language   26 May 2019   
Relation between vocabulary knowledge and reading comprehension for Korean-speaking learners of Japanese
Yukie Horiba & Young Yi
Japan Association of Second Language Acquisition   18 Dec 2018   
Vocabulary development and its relation to reading comprehension for Thai-speaking JFL learners
Yukie Horiba & Thanyarat Sanguansri
Pacific Second Language Research Forum   10 Sep 2018   
Effects of vocabulary knowledge and strategies in the reading-and-writing task
Yukie Horiba & Young Yi
International Conference on Japanese Language Education   4 Aug 2018   
Vocabulary and reading comprehension for Japanese undergraduate students
Yoruba, Y., Iwamoto, E., Tsuchida, H., Nishi, N., Yamagata, J., & Waki, K.
KUIS research report on academic literacy education   22 May 2015   
Profiling vocabulary knowledge for L2 learners and L1 speakers of Japanese.
Yukie Horiba
World Congress of Applied Linguistics   12 Aug 2014   
Task-induced strategic processing and learning in the L2 reading-and-writing task.
Yukie Horiba
World Congress of Applied Linguistics   15 Aug 2014   
Language and recognition of self and others: A perspectives from second languages and cultures education.
Yukie Horiba
Graduate School of Language Sciences, Kanda university of International studies.   15 Sep 2012