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Alternative names
Shimizu-Yumoto Hiroko
National Agriculture and Food Research Organization
Institute of Vegetable and Floriculture Science Division of Floricultural Production and Postharvest Technology Quality Control Unit
Job title
Principal Researcher

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Published Papers

Takayuki Mizuno, Naoko Fukuta, Hiroko Shimizu-Yumoto
the horticulture journal      Jan 2017
Double-flowered Eustoma, a popular cut flower, sometimes shows nonuniform coloration of its petals when harvested at the flower bud stage. At the tips of the petals, pale greenish areas remain after the flowers open. This considerably reduces the ...
Hiroko Shimizu-Yumoto, Kazuo Ichimura
Postharvest Biology and Technology   111 196   Jan 2016
© 2015 Elsevier B.V.Polypropylene film packaging combined with oxygen absorbers was investigated for maintaining the quality of cut gladiolus 'Princess Summer Yellow' spikes after storage for 6. d. Both the oxygen and carbon dioxide concentrations...
Hiroko Shimizu-Yumoto, Kazuo Ichimura
Postharvest Biology and Technology   86 479-486   Dec 2013
With the aim of extending vase life of cut dahlia flowers, we investigated the postharvest characteristics of the flowers. Our focus was on the role of ethylene on senescence and on treatments that have extended vase life of other flowers. Continu...
Hiroko Shimizu-Yumoto, Nobuyuki Hayashi, Nobuyuki Hayashi, Kazuo Ichimura, Masayoshi Nakayama
Journal of Chromatography A   1245 183-189   Jul 2012
Anthocyanins are major flower pigments that can be affected by copigments, colorless compounds that can modify anthocyanin coloration to more intense and bluer. Thin-layer chromatography (TLC) is an available technique to separate and analyze anth...
Hiroko Shimizu-Yumoto, Kazuo Ichimura
Postharvest Biology and Technology   63(1) 111-115   Jan 2012
Flower senescence of the potted gentian (Gentiana scabra) 'Shinbisei' was investigated in relation to ethylene sensitivity and production. 'Shinbisei' flowers were used for all experiments except for those with inflorescences. Exposure to ethylene...


湯本 弘子
JATAFFジャーナル = JATAFF journal : 農林水産技術   4(4) 30-33   Apr 2016

Conference Activities & Talks

湯本弘子, 氏家有美, 小川孝之
園芸学研究 別冊   24 Mar 2018   
菊地淑子, 湯本弘子, 日影孝志, 菅原栄伸
園芸学研究 別冊   24 Mar 2018   
山中正仁, 湯本弘子, 玉木克知, 水谷祐一郎, 宮谷喜彦, 竹中善之
園芸学研究 別冊   19 Mar 2017   
湯本弘子, 山中正仁
園芸学研究 別冊   19 Mar 2017