Yusuke Miyao

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Yusuke Miyao
The University of Tokyo
The Graduate School of Information Science and Technology
Job title
Associate Professor
Other affiliation
The Graduate University for Advanced Studies


My research focus is on natural language procesing, which aims at making computers understand natural language. In particular, we are mainly working on text analysis technologies such as syntactic/semantic parsing and linguistic resources for them, as well as natural language applications including grounding, machine translation, question answering, and dialog systems.

Academic & Professional Experience

Aug 2018
Professor, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, University of Tokyo
Apr 2018
Jul 2018
Professor, National Institute of Informatics
Apr 2010
Mar 2018
Associate Professor, National Institute of Informatics
Apr 2007
Mar 2010
Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, University of Tokyo
Apr 2006
Mar 2007
Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, University of Tokyo

Awards & Honors

Oct 2017
MANet: A Modal Attention Network for Describing Videos, Honorable Mention Award, ACM Multimedia 2017 The 2nd MSR Video to Language Challenge
Winner: Sang Phan, Yusuke Miyao, Shin'ichi Satoh
Feb 2015
Syntactic Parsing and Semantic Analysis of Natural Language and Its Applications, JSPS Prize, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
Jun 2014
Deep syntactic/semantic parsing of natural language texts and its applications, IPSJ Nagao Special Researcher Award, Information Processing Society of Japan
Jul 2012
Bayesian Symbol-refined Tree Substitution Grammars for Syntactic Parsing, Best Paper Award, ACL 2012
Winner: Hiroyuki Shindo, Yusuke Miyao, Akinori Fujino, Masaaki Nagata
Apr 2012
Deep Parsing and its Application to Textmining, The Young Scientists’ Prize, MEXT Japan
Mar 2010
New Faculty Award, Microsoft Research

Published Papers

Does My Rebuttal Matter? Insights from a Major NLP Conference
Yang Gao, Steffen Eger, Ilia Kuznetsov, Iryna Gurevych, Yusuke Miyao
Proceedings of NAACL-HLT 2019      Jun 2019   [Refereed]
Automatically computable metrics to generate metaphorical verb expressions
Akira Miyazawa, Yusuke Miyao
Journal of Natural Language Processing   26(2)    Jun 2019   [Refereed]
Coordinate Structures in Universal Dependencies for Head-final Languages
Hiroshi Kanayama, Na-Rae Han, Masayuki Asahara, Jena D. Hwang, Yusuke Miyao, Jinho D. Choi, Yuji Matsumoto
Proceedings of Universal Dependencies Workshop 2018      Nov 2018   [Refereed]
Generating Market Comments Referring to External Resources
Tatsuya Aoki, Akira Miyazawa, Tatsuya Ishigaki, Keiichi Goshima, Kasumi Aoki, Ichiro Kobayashi, Hiroya Takamura, Yusuke Miyao
Proceedings of INLG 2018      Nov 2018   [Refereed]
An Empirical Investigation of Error Types in Vietnamese Parsing
Quy Nguyen, Yusuke Miyao, Hiroshi Noji, Nhung Nguyen
Proceedings of COLING 2018   3075-3089   Aug 2018   [Refereed]
Inducing Temporal Relations from Time Anchor Annotation
Fei Cheng, Yusuke Miyao
Proceedings of NAACL 2018   1833-1843   Jun 2018   [Refereed]
Universal Dependencies for Amharic
Binyam Ephrem Seyoum, Yusuke Miyao, Baye Yimam Mekonnen
Proceedings of LREC 2018   2216-2222   May 2018   [Refereed]
Universal Dependencies Version 2 for Japanese
Masayuki Asahara, Hiroshi Kanayama, Takaaki Tanaka, Yusuke Miyao, Sumire Uematsu, Shinsuke Mori, Yuji Matsumoto, Mai Omura, Yugo Murawaki
Proceedings of LREC 2018   1824-1831   May 2018   [Refereed]
Overview of the NTCIR-13 Short Text Conversation Task
Lifeng Shang, Tetsuya Sakai, Hang Li, Ryuichiro Higashinaka, Yusuke Miyao, Yuki Arase, Masako Nomoto
Proceedings of NTCIR 13      Dec 2017
MANet: A Modal Attention Network for Describing Videos
Sang Phan, Yusuke Miyao, Shin'ichi Satoh
Proceedings of ACM Multimedia 2017   1889-1894   Oct 2017   [Refereed]
Evaluation Metrics for Automatically Generated Metaphorical Expressions
Akira Miyazawa and Yusuke Miyao
Proceedings of IWCS 2017      Sep 2017   [Refereed]
Finding Prototypes of Answers for Improving Answer Sentence Selection
Wai Lok Tam, Namgi Han, Juan Ignacio Navarro-Horniacek, Yusuke Miyao
Proceedings of IJCAI 2017   4103-4108   Aug 2017   [Refereed]
Ensuring annotation consistency and accuracy for Vietnamese treebank
Quy T. Nguyen, Yusuke Miyao, Ha T. T. Le, Nhung T. H. Nguyen
Language Resources and Evaluation   52(1) 269-315   Mar 2018   [Refereed]
Classifying Temporal Relations by Bidirectional LSTM over Dependency Paths
Fei Cheng and Yusuke Miyao
Proceedings of ACL 2017   1-6   Jul 2017   [Refereed]
Learning to Generate Market Comments from Stock Prices
Soichiro Murakami, Akihiko Watanabe, Akira Miyazawa, Keiichi Goshima, Toshihiko Yanase, Hiroya Takamura and Yusuke Miyao
Proceedings of ACL 2017   1374-1384   Jul 2017   [Refereed]
Characterization of a Tree Mapping Algorithm for Tree-to-Tree Transducer Induction
Pascual Martinez-Gomez and Yusuke Miyao
JSAI 2017      May 2017
TwiMed: Twitter and PubMed Comparable Corpus of Drugs, Diseases, Symptoms and their Relations
Nestor Alvaro, Yusuke Miyao, Nigel Collier
JMIR Public Health and Surveillance   3(2) e24   May 2017   [Refereed]
On-demand Injection of Lexical Knowledge for Recognising Textual Entailment
Pascual Martinez-Gomez, Koji Mineshima, Yusuke Miyao, Daisuke Bekki
Proceedings of EACL 2017   710-720   Apr 2017   [Refereed]
Generating Video Description using Sequence-to-sequence Model with Temporal Attention
Natsuda Laokulrat, Sang Phan, Noriki Nishida, Raphael Shu, Yo Ehara, Naoaki Okazaki, Yusuke Miyao, Hideki Nakayama
Proceedings of COLING 2016      Dec 2016   [Refereed]
Video Event Detection by Exploiting Word Dependencies from Image Captions
Sang Phan, Yusuke Miyao, Duy-Dinh Le, Shin’ichi Satoh
Proceedings of COLING 2016      Dec 2016   [Refereed]


Can an AI Get Into the University of Tokyo?
IEEE Spectrum      Sep 2013

Books etc

Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Parsing Technologies
Yusuke Miyao and Kenji Sagae (Part:Joint Editor)
Sep 2017   

Conference Activities & Talks

Natural Language Processing to Bridge Heterogenous Data [Invited]
Yusuke Miyao
Seminar at University of Cambridge   19 Sep 2017   
Semantic Understanding of Natural Language Texts [Invited]
Yusuke Miyao
ニューロコンピュータビジョン研究会   1 Dec 2016   
Semantic Understanding of Natural Language Texts [Invited]
Yusuke Miyao
4th mini-symposium on Computations, Brains and Machines, Riken BSI   11 Jul 2016   
Fact Validation by Textual Entailment Recognition [Invited]
Yusuke Miyao
Shonan meeting   Nov 2014   
Introduction to NTCIR RITE and Todai Robot Grand Challenge [Invited]
Yusuke Miyao and Noriko Kando
CLEF 2013 QA4MRE   Sep 2013