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Postdoctoral Researcher, Department of Functional and Evolutionary Ecology, University of Vienna
PhD in Biological Science(Mar, 2013, University of Tsukuba)

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2008     B.S. Bioresource Science, University of Tsukuba
2010     M.S. Agricultural Science, University of Tsukuba
2013     Ph.D in Biological Science, University of Tsukuba

2010-2013    JSPS research fellow (DC1)
2013-2014    Assistant professor, Faculty of Life Sciences, Toyo University
2014-2016    JSPS research fellow (Overseas research fellowship)
2016-2018    Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow, University of Vienna 
2018-now     Scientific project staff (Postdoc), University of Vienna

Fieldwork experiences
  Research cruises

  1. 2007 Oct-Nov, MR0706-leg1 (Chief scientist: T. Kawano), Pacific, R/V Mirai, Japan

  2. 2008 Aug-Oct, MR0804 (Chief scientist: K. Shimada), Arctic, R/V Mirai, Japan

  3. 2008 Oct-Nov, MR0805 (Chief scientist: M. Honda), North Pacific, R/V Mirai, Japan

  4. 2010 Mar, NT1005-leg2 (Chief scientists: T. Fujii, J. Ishibashi), Kagoshima bay, R/V Natsushima, Japan

  5. 2010 Aug-Oct, MR1005 (Chief scientist: M. Itoh), North Pacific and Arctic, R/V Mirai, Japan

  6. 2012 Jun, 10 days cruise during C-MORE summer workshop, St ALOHA, R/V Kilo Moana, US

  7. 2014 Apr-Jun, HOTMIX cruise (Chief scientist: J. Aristegui), Mediterranean Sea, R/V Sarmiento de Gamboa, Spain

  8. 2014 Aug, MODUPLAN0814 (Chief scientist: M. Varela), North Atlantic, R/V Sarmiento de Gamboa, Spain

  9. 2015 Aug, RadProf201508 (Chief scientist: C. González-Pola), North Atlantic, R/V Ramón Margalef, Spain

  10. 2016 May-June, SO248-BacGeoPac (Chief scientist: M. Simon), Pacific, R/V Sonne, Germany

  11. 2017 July-Aug, M139-DEEPMICROBES+BRIGHTFLOWS (Chief scientist: H. Arndt), Atlantic and Caribbean, R/V Meteor, Germany

  12. 2018 Feb-Mar, MOBYDICK (Chief scientist: I. Obernosterer), Southern Ocean near Kerguelen Islands, R/V Marion Dufresne, France

  13. 2018 Aug, RadProf201808 (Chief scientist: C. González-Pola), Noth Atlantic, R/V Ramón Margalef, Spain

  14. 2018 Aug, RadCan201808 (Chief scientist: C. González-Pola), Noth Atlantic, R/V Ramón Margalef, Spain

  15. 2019 Feb-April, POSEIDON (Chief scientist: J. Arrieta), Atlantic, R/V Sarmiento de Gamboa, Spain

  16. 2021 Jul, DANA6/21-ECOTIP 2021 (Chief scientist: P. Munk), West Greenland, R/V Dana, Denmark

  17. 2022 Jan-Feb, SO288-COMBO&HOMER (Chief scientist: H. Kopp), off Northern Chile, R/V SONNE, Germany

  Other fieldworks

  1. 2007-2008, weekly/monthly sampling (water/sediment), Lake Kouzogawa (drinking water supply), Japan

  2. 2010 May-2011 Mar, monthly water sampling, Lake Kasumigaura, Japan

  3. 2010 Jul, 2011 Apr, 2012 May, 2013 Sep; a few days sampling trips with fishery vessel Chokane-maru, Suruga-bay, Japan

  4. 2011 Aug-Sep, sampling trip, wetland soil, Alaska (University of Alaska Fairbanks), US


Attendance (workshop/schools etc.)

  1.  2012 May-Jul, Summer workshop “Microbial Oceanography: From Genomes to Biomes” by C-MORE, University of Hawaii, US

  2. 2021 Nov, Workshop on public speaking training/spark talks, The He(Art) of Research, All-atlantic Ocean Research Alliance







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