Ai Kawazoe

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Ai Kawazoe

Published Papers

An Inference Problem Set for Evaluating Semantic Theories and Semantic Processing Systems for Japanese
Ai Kawazoe, Ribeka Tanaka, Koji Mineshima, Daisuke Bekki
Proceedings of the Twelfth International Workshop on Logic and Engineering of Natural Language Semantics (LENLS12)      Nov 2015   [Refereed]
A Framework for Constructing Multilingual Inference Problem
Ai Kawazoe, Ribeka Tanaka, Koji Mineshima, Daisuke Bekki
Proceedings of 1st International Workshop on the Use of Multilingual Language Resources in Knowledge Representation Systems (MLKRep2015)      Jul 2015   [Refereed]
Ai Kawazoe, Yusuke Miyao, Takuya Matsuzaki, Hikaru Yokono, and Noriko Arai
Nakano, Yukiko, Satoh, Ken, Bekki, Daisuke (Eds.), New Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence (JSAI-isAI 2013 Workshops), Lecture Notes in Computer Science   8417 42-50   2014   [Refereed]
Overview of Todai Robot Project and Evaluation Framework of its NLP-based Problem Solving
Akira Fujita, Akihiro Kameda, Ai Kawazoe and Yusuke Miyao
Proceedings of the 9th edition of the Language Resources and Evaluation Conference (LREC2014)   2590-2597   May 2014   [Refereed]
Ai Kawazoe, Yusuke Miyao, Takuya Matsuzaki, Hikaru Yokono, Noriko Arai
Proceedings of LENLS 10      Oct 2013   [Refereed]
University Entrance Examinations as a Benchmark Resource for NLP-based Problem Solving
Yusuke Miyao, Ai Kawazoe
Proceedings of IJCNLP 2013   1357-1365   Oct 2013   [Refereed]
A hybrid approach to finding phenotype candidates in genetic texts
Nigel Collier, Mai-Vu Tran, Hoang-Quynh Le, Anika Oellrich, Ai Kawazoe, Martin Hall-May, Dietrich Rebholz-Schunmann
Proceedings of the COLING 2012      Dec 2012   [Refereed]
Navigating the Information Storm: Web-based Global Health Surveillance in BioCaster
Nigel Collier, Son Doan, Reiko Matsuda Goodwin, John McCray, Mike Conway, Mika Shigematsu, Ai Kawazoe
   Sep 2010   [Refereed][Invited]
Global Health Monitor - A Web-based System for Detecting and Mapping Infectious Diseases
Son Doan, Quoc Hung-Ngo, Ai Kawazoe and Nigel Collier
Proceedings of the International Joint Conference on Natural Language Processing (IJCNLP)   951-956   2008   [Refereed]


Nigel Collier, Ai Kawazoe, Hutchatai Chanlekha and Michael Conway

Books etc

Archimage Garret's Apprenticeship II: Adventures in Turing Machines
Ai Kawazoe
University of Tokyo Press   Oct 2016   
Archimage Garret's Apprenticeship: Adventures in Automata and Formal Languages
Ai Kawazoe
University of Tokyo Press   Apr 2013   

Conference Activities & Talks

Semantic annotation in BioCaster: its design and challenges [Invited]
Ai Kawazoe
The 8th Horison and Information Societies Seminar   Jun 2007   

Research Grants & Projects

文部科学省: 科学研究費補助金 基盤研究(c) 20500148
Project Year: 2008 - 2010    Investigator(s): 川添愛