SANO Seiko

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SANO Seiko
Nagoya University
Faculty of Representational Studies, Department of Transcultural Studies
Job title
Associate Professor
Master of Literature(The University of Tokyo), PHD(The University of Tokyo)
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Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2011
Mar 2015
associate professor, Wako University
Apr 2007
Mar 2011
lecturer, Wako University
Reserch Fellow of Japan Society
- Research Associate,
      Kyoto University


The University of Tokyo
The University of Tokyo
Faculty of Literature, The University of Tokyo

Published Papers

Lost Anomaly Accounts Quoted in the Section on Gods in Tiandi Ruixiang Zhi14 :The Eight Generals and Kings of the four Paths
SANO Seiko
(70) 45-58   Oct 2018   [Refereed]
SANO Seiko
The Journal of the Faculty of Letters Nagoya University Literature   (63) 91-109   Mar 2017
During the Sui and Tang dynasties, the king of the underworld changed from the Lord of Mount
Tai (Taishan fujun 泰山府君) to King Yama (Yanluo wang 閻羅王). In Buddhist stories about visits
to the underworld, those who had chanted sūtras were forgiven fo...


Treaties on the Five Agents and Records of Anomalies;Different Perspective on Strange Phenomena
TOHOGAKU(Eastern Studies)   104,21-35    2002
Zhiguai(Records of Anomalies) as a kind of Zazhuan(Collections of Biographies)
The NIPPON-CHUGOKU-GAKKAI-HO(Bulletin of Sinological Society of Japan)   54,77-91    2002
About Ziyu Story of Soushen-ji
Journal of Chinese Language and Literature of the University of Tokyo   2,1-24    1999
"Treaties of the Five Agents" in The Dynastic Histories and the Soushen-ji by Gan Bao
The Journal of Chinese Language and Literature of The University of Tokyo   4,67-82    2001
On the Copy of the <Taiping Guangji> Imprint Annotated in Ink By Sun Qian and Presently Held in the Collection of National Taiwan University
The Journal of Chinese Language and Literature of The University of Tokyo   4,244-253    2001

Books etc

劉 苑如, 小南 一郎 (Part:Joint Work)
新文豐出版   Apr 2014   ISBN:9789571722061
葛 曉音 (Part:Joint Work)
上海古籍出版社   Sep 2005   ISBN:7532541339

Conference Activities & Talks

the Change of Sūtras Believed by the Chinese and the Transition of Chinese Buddhism Miracle Stories in Medieval China : from 4th to 8th century [Invited]
SANO Seiko
Crossing Boundaries: An International Symposium on Chinese Literature and Culture   25 Oct 2019   
a study on edting Tiandi Ruixciang zhi: based on comparison of other category books
SANO Seiko
From Medieval to Pre Modern Times: Manuscripts and Cross Cultural Studies   24 Aug 2019   

Research Grants & Projects

Study on the birth of Chinese Chih-Kuai Story