MATSUDA Ry(]J1169[)ki

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MATSUDA Ry(]J1169[)ki

Research Interests


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On some open questions and related results in ideal theory
Proc. 7-th Sympos. on Comm. Ring Theory   34-41   1985
The ascending chain conditions for ideals and finitely generated ideals of commutative semigroup rings
Proc. 12-th Sympos. on Semigroups   12-19   1988
Generalizations of multiplicative ideal theory to commutative rings with zerodivisors
Bull. Fac. Sci. , Ibaraki University   17 49-101   1985
Some properties of semigroup rings
Proc. 6-th Sympos. on Comm. Ring Theory   171-176   1984
Torsion-free abelian semigroup rings, VII
Bull. Fac. Sci., Ibaraki University   23 1-8   1991

Books etc

Commutative Ring Theory, Lecture Notes in Pure and Applied Math.185
Marcel Pekker   1997   
Algebraic Engineering,
World Sci. Press   1999   
Characterization of valuation rings and valuation semigroups by semistar-operations
Third Inter. Colloq. Words, Languages and Combinatorics, World Sci.   
R. Matsuda, Commutative Rings
Nova Sci. Publishers, inc.   2002   

Research Grants & Projects

Study on Commutative Rings