KADOTA Takehisa

KADOTA Takehisa

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KADOTA Takehisa
Rikkyo University
College of Tourism Department of Culture and Tourism Studies
Job title
Associate Professor
Ph.D. in Cultural Anthropology(The University of Tokyo), MA. in Cultural Anthropology(The University of Tokyo), BA. in Sociology(Tokyo Metropolitan University)


Takehisa Kadota is an associate professor at the Department of Culture and Tourism, Rikkyo University. He holds a Ph.D. in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Tokyo under a supervising from professor Michiya Iwamoto. Kadota's research is situated at the intersection of cultural anthropology and contemporary folklore studies(ethnology) with special concerns like below:
1. Research on a "post-secular" situation and contemporary religion in Japan
2. Rebuilding folklore studies through comparative theoretical research
3. Action research on the cultural movements in the rural area with an applied ethnographic method

Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2015
Associate Professor, College of Tourism, Department of Culture and Tourism Studies, Rikkyo University


Apr 2004
Mar 2010
Ph.D Program, Department of Cultural Anthropology, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, The University of Tokyo
Apr 2002
Mar 2004
Master's Program, Department of Cultural Anthropology, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, The University of Tokyo
Apr 1997
Mar 2002
Department of Sociology, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, Tokyo Metropolitan University

Awards & Honors

Sep 2014
2014 Award for Outstanding Scholarship, The Japanese Association for Religious Studies(JARS)

Books etc

Johannes Moser (Hrsg.) Themen und Tendenzen der deutschen und japanischen Volkskunde im Austausch
KADOTA Takehisa (Part:Contributor, Takehisa Kadota "Spirituelle Touristen und profane Pilger: Zusammentreffen von Religion und Tourismus an einem japanischen Kulturerbe", 139-159, Translated from Japanese)
2018   ISBN:978-3-8309-3692-3
KADOTA Takehisa, KONISHI Kodai SUGIMOTO Kiyoshi (Part:Contributor, Collaborating Field: Research, Development and Education through the Fieldwork about an Closed School)
Kokon Shoin   Jun 2014   ISBN:4772271228
KADOTA Takehisa and MUROI Yasunari (Part:Joint Editor, 1. From a "Folk" to "Human/People", 7. Telling about oneself : Reflexivity in the context of Ethnology of Japan)
Shinwa-sha   Jun 2014   ISBN:4864050651
KADOTA Takehisa
Shinwa-sha   Mar 2013   ISBN:4864050473
KADOTA Takehisa (Part:Contributor, Religion in the Everyday Life : Beyond the Folklore)
Aug 2012   ISBN:4326602422

Published Papers

Gender Studies as Intersection : In Reference to Beate Binder's Paper
KADOTA Takehisa
Bulletin if the Folklore Society of Japan   (299) 62-69   Aug 2019
A Basic Study on Economical Management of Religious Space: From an Ethnographic Perspective of Fees Collecting System in Sacred Places in Japan
KADOTA Takehisa, ISHINO Takayoshi
Rikkyo University Bulletin of Studies in Tourism   21 19-36   Mar 2019
Overcoming a ‘Remote islandiness’: Miyamoto Tsuneichi and the thought of social development reversed
KADOTA Takehisa
Rikkyo University Bulletin of Studies in Tourism   19 23-37   Mar 2017
Local development as a Cultural Movement : Social Practice by Miyamoto Tsuneichi and the Construction of a Folk Museum in Southern Sado Island in the 1970s
KADOTA Takehisa, SUGIMOTO Kiyoshi
Journal of Living Folklore   5 33-49   Mar 2013   [Refereed]
Reflexive ethnography of religion/tourism : Consumption of religious experience of pilgrimages in contemporary Japan
KADOTA Takehisa
Ph.D. Dissertation in Department of Cultural Anthropology, The University Tokyo   1-364   Sep 2011   [Refereed]

Conference Activities & Talks

Spiritual Tourists and Secular Pilgrims: An intersection of Religion and Tourism in a World Heritage Site in Japan
KADOTA Takehisa
“Perspectives and Positions of Cultural and Folklore Studies in Japan and Germany”   28 Oct 2016   Deutsche Gesellschaft für Volkskunde / Folklore Society of Japan
The decision-making process in community development: Remodeling abandoned schools in Nigata, Japan.
KADOTA Takehisa
American Folklore Society 2011 Annual Meeting.   Oct 2011   
This presentation discusses the difficulty of realizing local revitalization plans in rural Japan. In twenty-first-century Japan, many rural communities suffer from depopulation as the number of younger people continues to decrease, and the Niigat...