KIHARA Takayuki

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KIHARA Takayuki
Nagoya University
Graduate School of Informatics Department of Mathematical Informatics 1
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I'm a Recursion Theorist, especially interested in applications of Recursion Theory in other areas of mathematics. My research interest includes Higher Recursion Theory, Reverse Mathematics, Computable Analysis (TTE), Algorithmic Randomness, Descriptive Set Theory, General Topology, and Infinite Dimensional Topology.

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Apr 2009
Mar 2011
Ph.D., Mathematical Institute, Tohoku University
Apr 2007
Mar 2009
M.S., Mathematical Institute, Tohoku University
Apr 2003
Mar 2007
B.S., Mathematical Institute, Tohoku University

Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2010
Mar 2011
JSPS research fellow DC2, Mathematical Institute, Tohoku University
Apr 2011
Mar 2012
JSPS Postdoc, Mathematical Institute, Tohoku University
Apr 2012
Mar 2015
May 2015
Mar 2017
JSPS Postdoc, Department of Mathematics, University of California, Berkeley
Apr 2017
Lecturer, Graduate School of Informatics Department of Mathematical Informatics 1, Nagoya University

Awards & Honors

Jan 2013
LA/EATCS JAPAN Best Presentation Award, European Association for Theoretical Computer Science (EATCS), Japan Chapter
Winner: Takayuki Kihara
Mar 2011
Kawai Prize for Ph.D. thesis, Kawai Mathematical Sciences Foundation (Mathematical Institute, Tohoku University)
Winner: Takayuki Kihara
Mar 2009
Excellent Review Paper Award, Kawai Mathematical Sciences Foundation (Mathematical Institute, Tohoku University)

Published Papers

Takayuki Kihara, Antonio Montalban
Transactions of the American Mathematical Society   371(11) 7885-7923   2019   [Refereed]
Takayuki Kihara, and Antonio Montalban
Transactions of the American Mathematical Society   370(12) 9025-9044   2018   [Refereed]
Takayuki Kihara
Journal of Symbolic Logic      2019   [Refereed]
Josef Berger, Hajime Ishihara, Takayuki Kihara, and Takako Nemoto
Archive for Mathematical Logic   58(1-2) 203-217   2019   [Refereed]
Takayuki Kihara, and Arno Pauly
Lecture Notes in Computer Science   11436 378-393   2019   [Refereed]
Higher randomness and lim-sup forcing within and beyond hyperarithmetic
Takayuki Kihara
Sets and Computations, Lecture Notes Series, IMS, NUS   33 117-155   2017   [Refereed]
Borel-piecewise continuous reducibility for uniformization problems
Takayuki Kihara
Logical Methods in Computer Science   12(4) 1-35   2016   [Refereed]
Dividing by zero -- how bad is it, really?
Takayuki Kihara and Arno Pauly
Leibniz International Proceedings in Informatics   58 1-14   2016   [Refereed]
Takayuki Kihara
Fundamenta Mathematicae   230 1-13   2015   [Refereed]
Takayuki Kihara and Kenshi Miyabe
Archive for Mathematical Logic   54(3-4) 329-358   2015   [Refereed]
Takayuki Kihara
Mathematical Structures in Computer Science   25(8) 1649-1668   2015   [Refereed]
Kojiro Higuchi, and Takayuki Kihara
Annals of Pure and Applied Logic   165(6) 1201-1241   2014   [Refereed]
Kojiro Higuchi, and Takayuki Kihara
Annals of Pure and Applied Logic   165(5) 1058-1114   2014   [Refereed]
Takayuki Kihara, and Kenshi Miyabe
Journal of Logic and Computation   24(4) 863-882   2014   [Refereed]
Kojiro Higuchi, and Takayuki Kihara
Annals of Pure and Applied Logic   165(9) 1445-1469   2014   [Refereed]
Makoto Fujiwara, Kojiro Higuchi, and Takayuki Kihara
Mathematical Logic Quarterly   60(3) 136-153   2014   [Refereed]
Kojiro Higuchi, and Takayuki Kihara
How the World Computes (Turing Centenary Conference, CiE 2012), LNCS   7318 303-312   2012   [Refereed]
Takayuki Kihara
How the World Computes (Turing Centenary Conference, CiE 2012), LNCS   7318 384-394   2012   [Refereed]
Takayuki Kihara
Computability   1(2) 131-152   2012   [Refereed]
Joshua A. Cole, and Takayuki Kihara
Archive for Mathematical Logic   49(1) 1-16   2010   [Refereed]
Immunity and non-cupping for closed sets
Douglas Cenzer, Takayuki Kihara, Rebecca Weber, and Guohua Wu
Tbilisi Mathematical Journal   2 77-94   2009   [Refereed]

Teaching Experience


Conference Activities & Talks

Computability theoretic methods in descriptive set theory [Invited]
Takayuki Kihara
The Sixteenth Asian Logic Conference   17 May 2019   
The Brouwer invariance theorems in reverse mathematics [Invited]
Takayuki Kihara
The 9th International Conference on Computability Theory and Foundations of Mathematics   21 Mar 2019   
Degrees of non-computability of points in general spaces [Invited]
Takayuki Kihara
Thirteenth International Conference on Computability, Complexity and Randomness   17 Dec 2018   
BQO-Wadge theory on ultrametric spaces
Sendai Logic School 2018   7 Dec 2018   
Computability Theoretic Methods in Descriptive Set Theory
Takayuki Kihara
Symposium on Advances in Mathematical Logic 2018   18 Sep 2018   
Weihrauch reducibility for some 3rd order principles [Invited]
Takayuki Kihara
Dagstuhl Seminar, Measuring the Complexity of Computational Content: From Combinatorial Problems to Analysis   2 Sep 2018   
On the Structure of the Wadge degrees of BQO-valued Borel functions [Invited]
Takayuki Kihara
The Logic Colloquium 2018: the 2018 annual European Summer Meeting of the Association for Symbolic Logic   23 Jul 2018   
Weihrauch Counterparts of Reverse Mathematical Principles [Invited]
Takayuki Kihara
The 2018 North American Annual Meeting of the Association for Symbolic Logic   16 May 2018   
Ordinal Ranks on the Baire and non-Baire class functions
Takayuki Kihara
The Second Workshop on Mathematical Logic and its Applications   5 Mar 2018   
Topologizing the degree theory [Invited]
Takayuki Kihara
Oberwolfach workshop on Computability Theory   7 Jan 2018   
Borel isomorphisms at the second level
Takayuki Kihara
The 2nd Pan Pacific International Conference on Topology and Applications   13 Nov 2017   
Wadge-like classifications of real valued functions [Invited]
Takayuki Kihara
Aspects of Computation: in celebration of the research work of Professor Rod Downey   28 Aug 2017   Institute for Mathematical Sciences
Martin-like phenomena in the classification of real-valued functions [Invited]
Takayuki Kihara
Fourteenth International Conference on Computability and Complexity in Analysis (CCA2017)   24 Jul 2017   
De Groot duality in computability theory
Takayuki Kihara
The 15th Asian Logic Conference,   10 Jul 2017   
Topological aspects of enumeration degrees [Invited]
Takayuki Kihara
Dagstuhl Seminar 16081 "Computability Theory", Schloss Dagstuhl, Germany   21 Feb 2017   
The uniform Martin conjecture and Wadge degrees [Invited]
Takayuki Kihara
Algorithmic Randomness Interacts with Analysis and Ergodic Theory, Oaxaca, Mexico   8 Dec 2016   
Computability-theoretic methods in descriptive set theory [Invited]
Takayuki Kihara
the Fall 2016 Central Section Meeting of the American Mathematical Society, University of St. Thomas, Minneapolis, USA   29 Oct 2016   
The structure of natural many-one degrees [Invited]
Takayuki Kihara
Workshop on Computability Theory 2016, Ghent, Belgium   5 Jul 2016   
Borel isomorphism and computability [Invited]
Takayuki Kihara
Computability, Randomness and Applications, CIRM Seminar, Marseille, France   Jun 2016   
Computability-theoretic methods in descriptive set theory
Takayuki Kihara
Association for Symbolic Logic 2016 Annual North American Meeting, Storrs, Connecticut, USA   May 2016   

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