KANO Hiroyoshi

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KANO Hiroyoshi
The University of Tokyo
Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia
Job title
Doctor of Economics(The University of Tokyo)

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Jun 2012
Emeritus Professor, Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia, The University of Tokyo
Institute of Developing Economies, Member
      of Research Staff
Institute of Oriental Culture, University
      of Tokyo, Associate Professor


Faculty of Economics, The University of Tokyo

Committee Memberships

Japan Association for Asian Studies  member of Board of Trustee
Royal Institute of Linguistics and Anthropology(KITLV)  Member of Advisory Board

Awards & Honors

Feb 1980
1) The Prize for Studies on Developing Countries (by Institute of Developing Economies) 2) The Asia Pacific Award (by the Asian Affairs Research Council and the Mainichi Shinbun)
1) 1980, 2) 1988

Published Papers

The Reorientation of Indonesia's Centralized Budgetary System: The Reorientation of Indonesia's Centralized Budgetary System
KANO Hiroyoshi
The Developing Economies   30(4) 377-403   1992   [Refereed]


Coffee Production in Colonial Indonesia: Building of Plantation Database and Its Analysis (in Japanese)
Hiroyoshi Kano and Atsushi Osawa
The Memoirs of the Institute of Oriental Culture   (153) 149-180   2008
Sugar, Rice and Coffee in 20th Century Asia: Introductory Analysis of Their Production and International Trade Statistics (in Japanese)
Hiroyoshi Kano
Toyo Bunka (Oriental Culture)   (88) 3-48
Sugar, Rice and Coffee in Indonesia: Long-term Statistical Change of Their Production and International Trade (in Japanese)
Hiroyoshi Kano
Toyo Bunka (Oriental Culture)   (88) 123-144
Production and International Trade of Sugar in the World: Development in the 20th Century (in Japanese)
Hiroyoshi Kano
Quarterly AT   (7)    2007
De-agrarianization in Rural Java: The Case of Comal District, Indonesia
Hiroyoshi Kano
Hiromitsu Umehara (ed.) Agrarian Transformation and Areal Differentiation in Globalizing Southeast Asia (Proceedings of RU-CAAS Symposium held at Rikkyo University on November 1-2, 2002)      2003

Books etc

Growing Metropolitan Suburbia: A Comparative Sociological Study on Tokyo and Jakarta (ed.)
Yayasan Obor Indonesia   2004   
A Historical Analysis of Modern Indonesian Economy: Export Economy and Agrarian Problem (in Japanese)
The University of Tokyo Press   2004   
Exploring Indonesia: An Attempt to Enrich Our Knowledge
Mekong   2003   
Indonesia in Turbulence (in Japanese)
Bungei Shunju   2001   
Origin of Densely Populated Society in Java : From Diffusion to Cohesion (in Japanese)


Rural Economic Survey in Java, Indonesia
1976 - 1978
Rural Economic Survey in Central Thailand
Rural Historical Survey in Java, Indonesia
1990 - 1991
Socio-economic survey in a metropolitan suburban city of Indonesia
Genealogical Study of Indonesian Peasant Household Economy
1990 - 1993

Research Grants & Projects

Modern economic history of Indonesia
Rural economy of Indonesia
Development of Mass Consumption and Transformation of Export Economies in the 20th Century Asia, As Exemplified by Sugar, Coffee and Rice
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research
Project Year: 2003 - 2006