SAITO Fumiko

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SAITO Fumiko
M.D.(Tokyo Medical and Dental University)

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

- Tokyo Medical of Dental Univ. Med. Res. Inst. Research Assistant


Faculty of Science, Ochanomizu University


The effect of scavengers to γ-ray induced chromosome aberrations in the lymphocytes with 21 trisomy
Jpn. J. Human Genet.   (29) 190   1984
High-resolution banding study of an X/4 translocation in a female with Duchenne muscular dystrophy.
Human Genetics   71(3)    1985
Inherited Xp21 deletion in a boy with complex glycerol kinase deficiency syndrome.
Clinical Genetics   29(1)    1986
Congenital adrenal hypoplasia, myopathy and glycerol kinase deficiency : Molecular genetic evidence for deletions.
American Journal of Human Genetics   40(2)    1987

Books etc

Types and frequencies of chromosome aberrations in lymphocytes of general populations. In ; "Radiation-Induced Choromosome Damage in Man. "(Eds. Ishihara & Sasaki)
Alan R. Liss, Inc.   1983   

Research Grants & Projects

Molecular cytogenetic study on genetic diseases
Chromosome mapping of human genes
Molecular Cytogenetic study of Amplified genes in Cancer
Genomic Analysis of Gene Mapping of the Mouse
Molecular Cydogenetie Research of Human Chromosome Aberration