HIRAO Kazuyuki

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HIRAO Kazuyuki
Kyoto University
Graduate School of Engineering, Department of Material Chemistry, Graduate School of Engineering Department of Material Chemistry
Job title
Doctor of Engineering

Research Interests


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Graduate School, Division of Engineering, Kyoto University

Published Papers

Stone Adam, Sakakura Masaaki, Shimotsuma Yasuhiko, Miura Kiyotaka, Hirao Kazuyuki, Dierolf Volkmar, Jain Himanshu
MATERIALS & DESIGN   146 228-238   May 2018   [Refereed]
Shimizu Masahiro, Kato Hiroshi, Nishi Masayuki, Hanakawa Daisuke, Nagashima Kohji, Visbal Heidy, Itasaka Hiroki, Sakakura Masaaki, Shimotsuma Yasuhiko, Miura Kiyotaka, Hirao Kazuyuki
JOURNAL OF THE CERAMIC SOCIETY OF JAPAN   125(3) 180-184   Mar 2017   [Refereed]
Du Xi, Sakakura Masaaki, Kurita Torataro, Zhang Hang, Shimotsuma Yasuhiko, Hirao Kazuyuki, Miura Kiyotaka, Qiu Jianrong
JOURNAL OF NON-CRYSTALLINE SOLIDS   448 79-82   Sep 2016   [Refereed]
Heidy Visbal, Kohji Nagashima, Kazuyuki Hirao
Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering   33 1255-1260   Apr 2016
© 2016, Korean Institute of Chemical Engineers, Seoul, Korea.We have successfully generated hydrogen using aluminum foil instead of aluminum powder from the perspective of improving safety. We analyzed the surface states of three aluminum foils an...
Kohji Nagashima, Heidy Visbal, Kazuyuki Hirao, Hitoshi Ishizaka, Akira Kamisawa
International Journal of Applied Ceramic Technology   13 265-268   Mar 2016
© 2015 The American Ceramic Society.The on-site type hydrogen generator was developed. Among the various hydride materials, calcium hydride (CaH2) was selected as hydrogen source because of less reactivity with moisture compared to other alkaline ...


Masahiro Shimizu, Jun Matsuoka, Hiroshi Kato, Takeyuki Kato, Masayuki Nishi, Heidy Visbal, Kohji Nagashima, Masaaki Sakakura, Yasuhiko Shimotsuma, Hiroki Itasaka, Kazuyuki Hirao, Kiyotaka Miura
Scientific Reports   8    Dec 2018
© 2018, The Author(s). The Soret effect or thermodiffusion is the temperature-gradient driven diffusion in a multicomponent system. Two important conclusions have been obtained for the Soret effect in multicomponent silicate melts: first, the SiO2...
Kazuyuki Hirao
Nanoparticle Technology Handbook   613-617   May 2018
© 2018 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved. It is well known that laser light can be pulsed and focused to a spot of wavelength order. Ultrashort pulsed lasers have been used as powerful tools to clarify elementary processes, such as excitation-ener...
清水雅弘, CORMACK Alastair N., WANG Liaoyuan, 平尾一之, 西正之, 下間靖彦, 三浦清貴
日本セラミックス協会年会講演予稿集(CD-ROM)   2018 ROMBUNNO.3G07   Mar 2018
Heidy Visbal, Minami Hirano, Takuya Omura, Masahiro Shimizu, Taigo Takaishi, Kazuyuki Hirao
Optics and Laser Technology   92 126-132   Jul 2017
© 2017 Elsevier Ltd Mayenite (12CaO·7Al2O3) is a highly interesting functional material due to the wide variety of its possible future applications. In this study, we used femtosecond laser irradiation in several solvents with varying polarities t...
Toru Itagaki, Daisuke Matsushita, Hirotaka Uji, Takashi Fujii, Visbal Heidy, Kazuyuki Hirao, Shunsaku Kimura
Chemistry Letters   46(10) 1576-1579   Jan 2017
© 2017 The Chemical Society of Japan. A series of Boc-(L-Ala-Aib)n-OCH3(n = 2, 4, 6, 8) and Boc-(L-Leu-Aib)n-OCH3(n = 2, 4, 6, 8) peptides were synthesized and subjected to terahertz time-domain (THz-TD) spectroscopy. Signals specific to helical p...

Books etc

Structure and Bonding in Non-Cryst. Solids
平尾 一之
Prenum Press,   1986   
Ceramics Handbook
平尾 一之
,   1989   
New Glass
平尾 一之
,   1989   
New Glass Handbook
平尾 一之
,   1991   

Conference Activities & Talks

日本原子力研究開発機構JAEA-Conf(Web)   Jul 2015   

Research Grants & Projects

Structure and Property of Functional Inorganic Material
Explatory of Optical Functional Glass