ISHII Kiyoshi

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ISHII Kiyoshi
Dokkyo Medical University
School of Medicine

Research Areas



On the significance of the mandible as a diagnostic character in the taxonomy of penicillate diplopods(Diplopoda : Polyxenidae).
The Canadian Entomologist   120(11) 955-963   1988
Penicillate Diplopods(Diplopoda : Polyxenida) from Taiwan.
Edaphologia   (42) 1-20   1990
A new model of Protutan sperm structure in Nipponentomon nippon (Acerentomidae, Protura).
Japanese Journal of Entomology   59(3) 569-575   1991
Two new species of penicillate diplopods of the family Polyxenidae (Diplopoda : Penicillata) from China.
The Canadian Entomologist   122 1239-1246   1990
A new species of the genus Polyxenus (Diplopoda : Penicillata : Polyxenidae) from Korea.
The Canadian Entomologist   120 711-715   1988

Books etc

The animal life in Kiryu, Gunma
Kiryu Municipal Board of Education   1987   
The 70 year memorial memoirs. On the Tajimagahara wild primaosefield (Primula sieboldii), Where these rare flowers are Protectecd by the centaeal gaverment.
Urawa Muricipal Board of Education, Japan   1990   
Scientific Researches of the Oze Area in Central Japan.
Oze Scientific Reseach Group supported by Join Fukushima/Gunma/Niigata Projects   1998   
Fauna of Chiba Prefecture
Bun-ichi S(]E86CC[)g(]E86CC[) Shuppan Co. Ltd.   1998   
The myriapoda (Chilopoda, Diplopoda and Symphyla) from Odamiyama, Ehime, Japan.
Nature of Odamiyama (]G0001[)   2000   


Ecological studies in the enviromental effects of insecticides on the pine forest ecosystem, perticularly the change of the pine forest ecosystem caused by the pine wood disease.
Study on soil fauna of subtropical forests in China.
Study on soil fauna of subtropical forests in China.
Study on Soil Fauna of Tropical Forests in China.
Study on Soil Fauna of Tropical Forests in China.

Research Grants & Projects

Taxonomy and Biology of the Japanese Penicillate Diplopoda.
Project Year: 1972   
A taxonomic study of Millipeds(Diplopoda)based on their mandibular structures.
Project Year: 1985   
Soil Fauna of Tropical Forests in China
International Joint Research Projects
Project Year: 1992 - 1997
Taxonomic study of the Order Lithobiomorpha (Chilopoda) in Asia
Project Year: 1988   
Postmortem Examination Using Fungi and Soil Animals
Project Year: 2004