NAKAO Toshiyuki

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NAKAO Toshiyuki
Tokyo Medical University
Faculty of Medicine Course of Medicine

Research Interests


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Graduate School, Division of Medicine, Jikei University
Faculty of Medicine, Jikei University


Characteristics of the patients with diabetic nephropathy with relatively low serum creatinine at the initiation of dialysis
The Japanese Journal of Nephrology   37(9)    1990
Toshiyuki Nakao, Haruo Tomonari, Yoshihiko Kaguchi, Masayuki Kimura, Masanori Utsunomiya
Journal of Japanese Society of Dialysis Therapy   23(10) 1185-1189   1990
Elevated activity of serum CPK and skeletal muscle disorder in patients with chronic renal failure
The Journal of Japanese Society of Internal Medicine   71(10)    1982
Adequate Glucose concentration of hemodialysate for diabetic renal failure.
Kidney and Dialysis   18(5)    1985
Clinical picture of diabetic patients an dialysis treatment
Journal of Japanese Society of Dialysis Therapy   19(11)    1986

Books etc

Simple method for the determination of methyguanidine and guanidinosucuinic acid in biological fluids
Guanidines   1986   
Participation of diabetic neuropathy in diabetic nephropathy
New. Diabetic nephropathy   1992   
Effectiveness of subcutaneous vs. intraperitoneal insulin on glycemic control in diabetics on CAPD
Current Concepts in Peritoneal Dialysis   1992   
Dialysis therapy in patients with diabetic nephropathy
Dialysis XX   1993   
Peripheral and autonomic neuropathy in dialysis patients

Research Grants & Projects

Diet therapy in renal diseases
Dialysis therapy for renal failure
Studies on diabetic nephropathy