SHIOMI Kunihiko

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SHIOMI Kunihiko
Former Institution / Organization Tottori University Faculty of Regional Scienses Department of Regional Cultures
Master of Arts(Nagoya University)


A New Study of Colloquialisms in T'ang Poetry
THE RITSUMEIKAN BUNGAKU   (430-432) 545-578   1981
On Lament for Aging in Chinese Poems(I)
THE JOURNAL of THE FACULTY of EDUCATION TOTTORI UNIVERSITY Cultural and Social Science   42(2) 75-85   1991
Laments on Aging in Chinese Poems(II)-From the Six Dynasties to the Middls Tang Dynasty-
Memoirs of the faculty of Law and Literatuse   (19-1) 1-22   1993
An Index of Colloguials in Kennan Shiko
Studies in Language and Culture   (5)    1998
Laments on Aging in Song Dynasty
THE RITSUMEIKAN BUNGAKU   (563) 258-278   2000

Books etc

Study of hu in the Quan-Tong-Shi or Anthology of the Tang Dynasty
Taoism and Religious Culture   1987   
A Concordance of Zhu-Zi-Yu-Lei's Colloquialism
Chinese Literature Press   1992   
A Study of Colloquialisms in T'ang Poetry.

Research Grants & Projects

Study of Laments on Aging in Chinese Poems