ISEDA Tetsuji

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ISEDA Tetsuji
Kyoto University
Job title
Associate Professor
Doctor of Philosophy(University of Maryland)

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

- associate professor in Nagoya University
 associate professor in Nagoya University
 assistant professor in Nagoya University


Sep 1995
May 2001
Department of Philosophy, University of Maryland, College Park
Apr 1991
Mar 1999
Department of Ethics, Graduate School of Letters, Kyoto University
Apr 1987
Mar 1991
Faculty of Letters, Kyoto University

Committee Memberships

15th Congress on Logic, Methodology, and Philosophy of Science (CLMPS)  program committee
IHPST Asia Regional Conference  Science Committee
Philosophy of Science Society, Japan  editorial board

Published Papers

What is the desirable relationship between humans and animals?
ISEDA Tetsuji
44(1) 2-9   Jun 2018   [Invited]
How Should We Teach the Ford Pinto Case?
ISEDA Tetsuji
Journal of Engineering Ethics   (13) 1-36   Nov 2016   [Refereed]
Bayesianism as a Set of Meta-criteria and Its Social Application
ISEDA Tetsuji
Korean Journal for the Philosophy of Science   18(2) 35-64   Jul 2015   [Refereed]
Is Whig history inadmissible?
ISEDA Tetsuji
Nagoya Journal of Philosophy   10 4-24   Nov 2013   [Refereed][Invited]
Tetsuji Iseda
T. Mayer and N.Steneck eds. Promoting Research Integrity in a Global Environment. World Scientific Pub. Co, pp. 251-243      Jan 2012
When is diversity within a field desirable? --a social-epistemological analysis of current American sociology--
Tetsuji Iseda
『哲學研究』 591号 pp.1-18 (アラビア数字ページ)      Apr 2011   [Refereed]
T. Iseda
Science and Engineering Ethics   14(2) 165-176   Jun 2008   [Refereed]
"Unsettled-Domain Utilitarianism: A Revision of Hare's Two-Level Theory for Application"
Tetsuji Iseda
『哲学』 59号, 25-38ページ      Apr 2008   [Refereed]
Journal of Japanese scientists   41(11) 580-585   Nov 2006
Annals of the Chubu Society of Philosophy   (39) 54-65   2006
Nagoya journal of philosophy   5 29-53   2006
What should be considered for animal welfare?
T. Iseda
Experimental animals / Japanese Association for Laboratory Animal Science   52(4) 73-75   2003   [Refereed]
Recent developments on the demarcation problem
Iseda Tetsuji
Nagoya philosophical journal   5 31-42   2001
Scientific rationality and the \éven stronger programme\\'
T. Iseda
AI and Society   13(1-2) 156-163   1999   [Refereed]
Use-novelty, severity, and a systematic neglect of relevant alternatives
T. Iseda
Philosophy of Science   66(3 SUPPL. 1) S403-S413   1999   [Refereed]
Studien zur praktischen Philosophie   67-98   Nov 1996


Preface to the special section: philosophy of science in East Asia
ISEDA Tetsuji
Annals of the Japan Association for Philosophy of Science   26 9-12   Sep 2017
Review of In Search of Mechanisms: Discoveries across the Life Sciences
ISEDA Tetsuji
Taiwanese Journal for Studies of Science, Technologyand Medicine   (21) 265-272   Oct 2015   [Invited]
KURODA Kotaro, TODAYAMA Kzuhisa, ISEDA Tetsuji
平成21年度 106-107   Aug 2009
Nagoya journal of philosophy   6 99-105   2007
Nagoya journal of philosophy   5 75-92   2006

Books etc

Moral Luck
Bernerd Williams, translated by Tetsuji Iseda, Naomi Tsuruta and Satoshi Eguchi (Part:Joint Translation)
Aug 2019   
Psychiatry and Philosophy of Science
Rachel Cooper, translated by Iseda Tetsuji , Murai Toshiya and others (Part:Joint Translation)
Jun 2015   
World Conference on Research Integrity, Mayer Tony, Steneck Nicholas H. (Part:Joint Work)
World Scientific   2012   ISBN:9789814340977
Community in the Digital Age: Philosophy and Practice
A. Feenberg and D. Barney eds.
Rowman and Littlefield   2004   

Conference Activities & Talks

The Reproducibility Crisis as a Case Study for the Demarcation Problem [Invited]
ISEDA Tetsuji
Annual Conference of Korean Society for Philosophy of Science   4 Jul 2019   
An Ethical 'Space Pocket' of Present Time-- An Analysis of the Difficulty in Applying the Just War Theory to Space Warfare
OHBA Hirotsugu, ISEDA Tetsuji
2019 Conference of International Society for Military Ethics   30 Jun 2019   
Generalized Parfitian Reductionism and its Applications in Philosophy of Science
ISEDA Tetsuji
8th Asia-Pacific Conference of Philosophy of Science   29 Jun 2019   
Being grateful for sacrifices of animals: Japanese animal ethics as a kind of relational ethics
ISEDA Tetsuji
The 14th International Conference on Environmental Enrichment   26 Jun 2019   
Possibility of redefining fabrication and falsification in humanities
ISEDA Tetsuji
6th World Conference on Research Integrity   4 Jun 2019   
How should we understand the intellectual lineage of positivism within science? [Invited]
ISEDA Tetsuji
6 Dec 2018   
Meta Bayesianism: an application of two level theory to scientific methodology
ISEDA Tetsuji
11 Nov 2018   
What can species theorists learn from Parfit?
AMITANI Yuichi and ISEDA Tetsuji
4th Conference on Contemporary Philosophy in East Asia   9 Aug 2018   
From philosophy of science to philosophy of inquiries
ISEDA Tetsuji
the 7th Asia Pacific Conference on Philosophy of Science   15 Dec 2017   
What can species theorists learn from Parfit?
Yuichi Amitani and ISEDA Tetsuji
International Society for History, Philosophy and Social Studies of Biolology 2017 meeting   17 Jul 2017   
STS and Critical Thinking Education: A happy marriage [Invited]
ISEDA Tetsuji
Future Humanities Forum   7 Nov 2016   
Philosophical reflections on research integrity in the global context
ISEDA Tetsuji
Research Integrity Workshop   19 Sep 2016   
Managing the Trading Zone Effectively: How Philosophy Can Help in Developing Interdisciplinary Pidgin
ISEDA Tetsuji
EASTS (East Asian Science, Technology and Society) Conference 2015,   3 Oct 2015   
A Bayesian look at inconsistencies in science
ISEDA Tetsuji
The 5th Asia-Pacific Conference on the Philosophy of Science   25 Aug 2015   
How can Bayesians help communications on climate change?
ISEDA Tetsuji
15th Congress on Logic, Methodology, and Philosophy of Science (CLMPS)   4 Aug 2015   
What kind of measures does Kyoto University need to take in terms of research integrity? [Invited]
ISEDA Tetsuji
International Workshop on Research Integrity and Clinical Ethics   19 Mar 2015   
Historical reconsideration of empirical adequacy as the aim of science
ISEDA Tetsuji
4th East Asia &Southeast Asia Conference in Philosophy of Science   6 Nov 2014   
How philosophy of science answers to the contemporary problems in East Asia
ISEDA Tetsuji
Fourth meeting of Japan-China Philosophy Forum   21 Sep 2014   
Am I happier as a teacher if my students understand my lecture?; implications of the role theory for the preference satisfaction view of human welfare
ISEDA Tetsuji
The Thirteenth Conference of the International Society for Utilitarian Studies (ISUS XIII Yokohama)   19 Aug 2014   
Pseudoscience as a philosophical topic
ISEDA Tetsuji
NTHU-KYOTO workshop on Philosophy for Young Scholars   13 Mar 2014   


Foundation of Information Ethics
1995 - 2003
investigation on science and technology ethics education
2002 - 2003
management of technology
2003 - 2004

Research Grants & Projects

Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology: Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research(基盤研究(C))
Project Year: 2007 - 2008    Investigator(s): Tetsuji ISEDA
Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology: Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research(基盤研究(C))
Project Year: 2005 - 2006    Investigator(s): Tetsuji ISEDA
In this research, first of all, we investigated and analyzed literatures on virtue ethics and on engineering ethics, along with the investigation of research trends by attending international conferences. We found that the possibility that pride m...
social epistemology
ethical problems with science and technology
nature of moral concepts