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Kinjo University
Faculty of Social Work Department of Social Work
Job title
Assistant Professor
Master of Sociology(Bukkyo University)

Research Interests


Research Areas



Social welfare, Graduate School, Division of Sociology, Bukkyo University
Sociology Social Welfare, Graduate School, Division of Sociology, Bukkyo University
Faculty of Social Welfare, Tohoku Fukushi University


Kosuke Tomeoka and the Concept of “Charity Work”
Kinjo University Bulletin   2 pp.137-159    2002
A Speculation on Object Issues in Welfare Work
Kinjo University Bulletin   3 pp.127-147    2003
Takenaka Katuo's Argument on Social Welfare -Theories beore and after World WarⅡ-
Kinjo University Bulletin   4 pp.201-221    2004
Argument on the Development of “Welfare”Concept and System as Modern Phiosophy -In light of the arguments Kiyoshi Goto and Iso Kikuchi-
Kinjo University Bulletin   5 pp.205-224    2005
Hajime Ozawa's Formation of Arguments on Social Welfare Methodology -Focused on casework theory-
Kinjo University Bulletin   (6) 233-250   2006

Research Grants & Projects

History of social welfare formation in Modern times Japan
The Other Research Programs
Project Year: 1998   
I can go ahead through analysis from a background of a theory about an approval of argument formation factor of social work / social welfare to be able to put before round in thought of a person, a formation of system / policy process.
Mainly on study - magazine “The Social Reform of Ishikawa” about the argument formation of a public welfare work under Ishikawa -
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research
Project Year: 2005 - 2006
It is fundamental researches to clarify whether you formed an argument while what kind of person is concerned under what kind of thought and the thought on the occasion of the formation of a public welfare work from social work in Ishikawa having ...
Studies on Modern Characteristics of Social Work in Pre-war Japan - Focusing on Sociality and Cooperativity -
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research
Project Year: 2007 - 2009
Social work that developed in pre-war Japan tends to have been identified with that of Europe and the United States. But when the formation and development of social work from the end of the Meiji period to the early Showa period is studied, it be...