FUMOTO Nobuyoshi

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FUMOTO Nobuyoshi
Hirosaki University
Faculty of Education, Department of Health and Physical Education
Job title
(BLANK)(The University of Tokyo)

Research Interests


Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Tokyo University, Research Assistant


Graduate School, Division of Education, The University of Tokyo


Recognition in sport : recognition of outer environment
Japanese Journal of Sport Sciences   8(5) 274-283   1989
Situational judgement in sport and cognitive map
Esprit today   298,87-96    1992
Asymmetric transfer in a pursuit tracking task related to a change of strategy
Journal of Motor Behavior   13(3) 197-206   1981
Concentration on a task and change in pulse rate and finger skin blood flow
Japanese Journal of Psychology   48(5) 289-296   1977
A problems to establish a model of movement from the viewpoint of behavioral science
Japanese Journal of Sport Sciences   5(7) 462-469   1986

Books etc

Politics, Economics, ans Sport : Meaning of Competition in Mopdern world.
Sep 2010   
Psychology of motor behavior (joint work)
Kobundo Shuppansha   1989   
Science of physical education for elementary school education (coeditor & author)
Kyorin Shoin   1989   
Sport physiology of Motor learning
Sport Physiology (Eds T, Morimoto & I.Nemoto.) Asakura Shoten   1992   
Theory of Motor Learning (joint work)
Basic Papers for therapists   1997   
Introduction to New Sport Psychology : Some Aspects for Improvement
Shunjusha   2000   
Necessity for winner: how to train athlete's mind
shunjusha   2001   ISBN:4-393-36460-0
Coaching a Technique in Sport : from a viewpoint of Psychology of Motor Learning (joint work)
Kyorin-Shoin : 21th Century and Development of PE and Sport Science.   2000   
Theory of Soccer from Veiwpoint of Sport Psychology : an Erlarged Edition
Sanichi Shobo   2002   
New figure of psychology series 11:New figure of psychology of art (joint work)
Seishinshobo   2005   
Learning and control of motoe behavior(ED)
kyorinshoin   2006   ISBN:4-7644-1085-0

Research Grants & Projects

motor learning and schema theory
structure of evaluation of ability in sport
Comparison between Japanese and American students who belong to physical education teacher course.
Manual for soccer coaching
Accept of of sportculture in Japan
Since Meiji period, How and what kind of culture, Japanese accept sport, which was born in a democratic society, in the not democratic society