YOJI Shiro

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YOJI Shiro
Former Institution / Organization Saga University Faculty of Economics International Economics and Global Society

Research Interests


Research Areas



Graduate Course of Management Study, Graduate School, Division of Commerce, Osaka City University
Faculty of Economics, Osaka City University


The Character of Bill of Exchange and Dependent Manufactures in Modern England
Economic Journal of Saga University   33(1)    2000
A Bird's-eye View of the City of London from 1660's to 1913
Economic Journal of Saga University   30(3) 4   1997
Credit Money and State
Economic Journal of Saga University   34(4)    2001
Bills on London and Merchant Capital in Modern Britain
Economic Journal of Kumamoto Gakuen University   7(1, 2, 3, 4)    2001
The International Mechanism of Multrhateral Payments in Eary Modern London
Economic Journal of Saga University   31(2)    1998

Books etc

The History of Credit Money in England.
Kyushu University Press   1982   
Money・Credit・Central Bank -The establishment of Payments System-
Dobunkan   1988   

Research Grants & Projects

Early History of Banking in England.
Central Banking : the relation of money and state