YU Bingqiang

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YU Bingqiang


Graduate School, Division of Agriculture, Hokkaido University
Faculty of Agriculture, Hokkaido University


Direction and Recent Situation of Animal Grazing Farm of Dry Area : Subject and Implication of Rangeland Law in China
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Books etc

The Land Investment and regional Consensus
Agriculture and Forestry statistics Association   1993   
The Nomadism in China
Support System in changes of Regional Agriculture
Agriculture and Forestry Statistics Association   1997   


Joint Field Research by Continuous Round Year Survey on the Animal Grazing Farm of Dry Area in China
1989 - 1991
Joint Research on the Improvement for the Poverty in China as Compared With the Experiences in Japan
1992 - 1993
Research on the Development of Chinese Frontier Districts
1995 - 1996
Research on the Agricultural Joint System in China
1998 - 2000
Knowledge-based System Making and Application to Agriculture
1990 - 1992

Research Grants & Projects

Research on the Harmonization between the Farmland Development and Resource of Tourism in Okinawa
Research on the Electronic Commerce, Application to the Marketing of Agricultural Products in Okinawa
The Economic Development and Structure of Regional Industry in China
Research on the Regional Resources and Environment in Asia
Investigation and Study about Area Revitalization