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Apr 2018
Professor, Institute of Global Studies, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
Apr 2009
Mar 2018
Associate Professor, Institute of Global Studies, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies


Mar 1993
Graduate School, Division of Foreign Language, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
Mar 1991
Faculty of Foreign Language, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies

Published Papers

Yasuhiro Fujinawa
Area and Culture Studies   (97) 43-57   Dec 2018
In the present paper, I will pursue the following aim: Going back to Marty (1918), I will make it clear that the categorical/thetic distinction lies primarily not in whether or not a subject as an expression of someone or something to state about ...
Yasuhiro Fujinawa
Linguistische Berichte Sonderheft   24 15-40   Sep 2017   [Refereed]
The present paper aims to show that a copula serves as a verb of location only on the basis of categorical statement in the sence of Marty (1918). Besides data from Japanese, where both particles "wa" and "ga" differenciate categoricity and thetic...
Linguistic comprehension of space in Japanese-German comparison. With special regard to part-of-speech of local expressions
Yasuhiro Fujinawa
H. Miyashita (ed.): Comprehension of space in German and in Japanese: How cognition reflects itself on typology (= Series of Japanese Society of Germanic Studies, Vol. 112)   5-19   May 2016
HAVE perspective in German und Japanese. For underpining fundamental categories for comparison of cultures from linguistic point of view
Yasuhiro Fujinawa
A. Ogawa (ed.): How same is what you compare? An interdisciplinary symposium on East and West humanities   217-235   2016
On coding of external possession in Japanese-German contrast
Linguisitsche Berichte Sonderheft   20 73-95   2015   [Refereed]
bekommen + past participle as anticausative. What its polysemy tells us about passives and related phenomena
New Contributions to Germanic Studies, edited by Japanese Society of Germanic Studies   54-73   2014   [Refereed]
Impersonal passive, modality and aspectuality (jointly worked)
Yasuhiro Fujinawa, Moe Nobukuni, Miho Takahashi
"Impersonal Construction": predicate forms from functional and cross-linguistic points of view, ed. by A. Redder, A. Ogawa and S. Kameyama, München: Iudicium   185-200   2012   [Refereed]
Where synchrony and diachrony overlap: a (marginal) remark on verb placement in modern German
History and Typology of Language System, ed. by M. L. Kotin & E. G. Kotorova, Heidelberg: Winter   129-138   Jun 2011   [Invited]
Yasuhiro Fujinawa, Shinako Imaizumi
New Contributions on Germanic Studies   9(1) 73-90   Nov 2010   [Refereed]
Semantic structure and argument structure: how to set basic functions and how to compose them
Yasuhiro Fujinawa
T. Narita & Y. Fujinawa (eds.): New developments of "Semantic Sentence Structure": current perspective on linguistics of German and other languages (= Series of Japanese Society of Germanic Studies, Vol. 073)   4-24   Oct 2010


Yasuhiro Fujinawa
Journal of the Institute of Language Research   18 163-180   Mar 2013   [Refereed]
Yasuhiro Fujinawa
Neue Beiträge zur Germanistik   11(1) 237-242   2012   [Refereed][Invited]
Book review
Yasuhiro Fujinawa
New Contributions on Germanic Studies   9(1) 7-9   Nov 2010   [Refereed]

Books etc

Wortbildung und Pragmatik im Deutschen. Akten des 44. Linguisten-Seminars, Tokyo 2016
Japanische Gesellschaft für Germanistik (ed.) under direction of Yasuhiro Fujinawa und Jiro Inaba (Part:Joint Editor)
Iudicium   Jan 2018   ISBN:978-3-86205-334-6
Grammatische Funktionen aus Sicht der japanischen und deutschen Germanistik
Shin Tanaka, Elisabeth Leiss, Werner Abraham, Yasuhiro Fujinawa (eds.) (Part:Joint Editor)
Buske   Sep 2017   ISBN:978-3-87548-842-5
Current Issues in Complex Predicate Research (jointly worked)
Shinako Imaizumi, Yasuhiro Fujinawa
Hitsuji Publishing   Jan 2014   ISBN:978-4-89476-656-3
Cource in German linguistics, Vol. 1: Grammatical theory of German (jointly worked)
Junji Okamoto, Mitsunobu Yoshida, Masatoshi Tanaka, Toshiaki Oya, Yasuhiro Fujinawa, Shin Tanaka (Part:Joint Work)
Hitsuji Publishing   Apr 2013   ISBN:9784894765719

Conference Activities & Talks

Possession and Predication: a Japanese-German Contrastive Perspective on External Possessor
Yasuhiro Fujinawa
Workshop: "Possession" - Dynamism between Grammar, Meaning and Situation   16 Mar 2018   
Pseudokategorische Sätze im Deutschen und Japanischen. Erste Annäherung an das asymmetrische Verhältnis zwischen der logisch-semantischen und der syntaktischen Kategorik/Thetik aus kontrastiver Sicht
Yasuhiro Fujinawa
43. Österreichische Linguistiktagung   8 Dec 2017   
Innere und Äußere Aspekte der Prädikation. Small Clauses bei glauben und finden im Vergleich
Yasuhiro Fujinawa
44. Linguisten-Seminar   5 Sep 2017   Japanische Gesellschaft für Germanistik
Categoric/Thetic sentences and German Grammar [Invited]
Yasuhiro Fujinawa
Working Group "Theories of German Grammar" Autumnal conference 2016   4 Oct 2015   Working Group German Grammar Theories
Copula and verbs of location in German-Japanese contrast
Yasuhiro Fujinawa
Japanisch-deutscher Workshop Linguistik "Die Architektur von Grammatik und Pragmatik im Japanischen und Deutschen"   22 Aug 2015   Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich
Parts of speech and concepts of space in German-Japanese comparison
Yasuhiro Fujinawa
16th North German Linguistic Colloquium 2015   26 Mar 2015   
Have Perspective in German-Japanese comparison [Invited]
Humboldt-Kolleg 2014   1 Mar 2014   Alumni of Humboldt Foundation (German linguistics and literature)
On coding of event internal and external possessor in German-Japanese contrast
Yasuhiro Fujinawa
Conference on Japanese Linguistics   14 Feb 2013   
Passivization and aspectuality: impersonal passive in German in focus
17 Dec 2011   
Impersonal passive and aspectuality
Internationale Arbeitstagung "Unpersönliche Konstruktionen und verwandte Phänomene kontrastive Studien zum Deutschen und Japanischen aus funktional-typologischer Sicht"   1 Dec 2011